anutha sleep over

we had four of the grand kids for a sleep over. there was never a dull moment.  the girls slept in the living room on our air mattress. they think that is fun. i like to get a picture of the four of them together every time we have them.

i put some money down on the kansas city chiefs to win the super bowl. i bet twenty bucks they will win and cover the over on the spread. if they win and total points are 57 i win $70. and i get my twenty dollars back. i think they will win. i will wear my mahomes jersey while watching the game.

i had a chance to place a bet on KU to win the ncaa national basket ball championship. i passed on that bet. for the first time in years. i would have taken that bet last year. we had the team to win it all. i am a big fan but i dont think we got the team to go deep into this tournament. i hope they prove me wrong.

i watched the KU game yesterday. i kinda lost interest around half time. it was obvious no matter what they did, Tennesse would answer. we are lacking that big star or two that usually helps us come back from anything. in past years i would always wait for that run that would seal the win for us. this year that run dont happen.

i believe what some say about the ncaa investigation into our program. it has hurt our recruiting. they have held us up for years. they stopped us from playing a number of players over the years. now they after our team again. they must have a vendetta against the jayhawks. they dont go after other programs like they do ours.

it is a week away before the super bowl. i cant wait. it will be a long week. we have a slab of ribs left. we will have them before the game. we will also have nacho cheese.  we could be like doug heffernan and have a different chip every quarter. nah.

tomorrow i go for my second moderna vaccine. i didnt have any side effects from the first shot. well i did experience a little soreness in my arm where i was given the shot. it wasnt bad. this vaccine is suppose to be 94.1% effective against covid.

even after i get my second shot i will practice social distancing and wear a mask. i have become a homebody. probably from the years of bumming around in my youth. i love being in my own home.

i will start tying the deer tail trim for a roach today. the tails were delivered on friday. i got 10 inch deer tails. another place i have bought them from sells them for 13 to 14 inches for the same money. they arent dyed but i get more for the money. i dont mind dyeing them.

the snow we got has melted. the rain we got helped melt the rest of it. the ground got soaked. thats good for my garden. gotta have that moisture deep down. gotta do my chores.