super moon

every few months the internet says we gonna have a super moon. it is closer to the earth since when ever. that is suppose to make it appear bigger.  this particular one was called the pink moon.  i took a picture with my cell phone. it wasnt a good picture.  i didnt notice any difference in how it looked. it didnt seem bigger or pink.  maybe that was just me.

one year i stayed outside for a lunar eclipse. i sat in my lawn chair waiting in the dark. i was hoping no one would go by and see me sitting in the cold. i did have a blanket wrapped around me.  i got a  good series of pictures of the moon getting smaller until it blacked out. i used my nikon. i still like that group of pictures. it was worth the effort.

i have some good news from all this surgery stuff. i have lost 17 pounds since the day before my surgery. i was on a liquid diet for bout 4 days. a nurse told me i am losing weight because my body is burning calories while healing. i am eating 3 meals a day with no snacks or junk food. i tried for years to lose some weight. it took open heart surgery to lose a few pounds.

i had a problem with gas in my stomach when i was in the hospital. i had that for some time before then. that’s why my stomach was big. i was told it would eventually shrink as it worked itself out. i and others have noticed that indeed my stomach has shrunk some. that problem caused me enough discomfort that i couldnt sleep good. now my sleep cycle is messed up.  i cant sleep all night. that too will work itself out.

i didnt know that it was a medical condition.  this one guy was making fun of me. he told this other indian a joke about my belly. they laughed. i walked on because there was no sense dealing with their ignorance. i hope neither has to undergo the discomfort i did. even if they are dumb asses. thats why it best not to say any thing to another. you never know what they are going thru in their life.

my chickens have been laying close to a dozen eggs a day. we are selling our surplus eggs. we have a market with people that want fresh, cage free eggs. they know country eggs taste better than store bought ones. i use the money to buy chicken feed. my chickens are close to paying for their up keep.

i got a glucose monitoring system. it replaces the poking your finger to check sugar level. i put a sensing pad on the back of my arm. then put the machine next to it for a reading. i am to record my sugar level 4 times a day. this means i dont have to poke  my fingers that many times. i had enough of that for the past two weeks. i am tired of having needles jabbed into me.

what will this week bring?

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  1. Holy smokes, I missed out on a bunch! I’m glad surgery was successful and sounds like you’re recovering well.

  2. yes i am getting stronger every day. i was told i will be able to do every thing i did before. so i can keep gardening, gathering and storing food.

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