beginning of july

we have been enjoying the grand daughters sleeping over with us. we are getting more quality bonding time with them. we fill up our new air mattress we bought. they sleep on it in the living room.

i will have to mow the yard today. seems the lawn grows faster than the garden does. it will take me about an hour to mow the yard. it isnt too tall but the rains have made it necessary to mow before it gets out of hand. i would have done it yesterday but the grass was still wet. i dont like to over work my mower.

i picked some onions yesterday. i braided them and hung them in the car port. they will cure out a few days. any time we need one, all we have to do is cut one off. i planted some bulbs a while back. they are coming up now for a later crop. we used onions, garlic, bell peppers, green chiles and hot peppers as seasonings when we cook.

i weeded my sema patch. that took almost all day.  i usually give away my extra plants. i dont like to waste them. i was waiting for them to be picked up. that took awhile. the weeds really grew during that time.

i used the garden cart i bought. i can scoot along in between the rows as i weed. it saves me from doing all that bending and stretching. tobacco takes a lot out of the soil. i will add worm castings and azomite. that will replenish the ground.

i will have to till around my tomatoes and green beans. the weeds by them have grown. i will till them under. my baby lima beans didnt do well at all. i have maybe 4 or 5 plants in the whole row. none of the flowers i planted came either. i wanted them to draw bees. i do get plenty of honeybees and bumble bees in the yard. i need them as pollinators.

my dog chewed on the faucet on the bottom of one of my rain barrels. that ruined the gasket. the bottom leaks. i put a plug on it so it will hold rain. i cant attach a garden hose to the barrel though. i can use the other three rain barrels to irrigate with.

i only use the plugged barrel to water the chickens and dog. sometimes i dip a watering can into it to water plants. i am shopping for a solar powered pump to use the rain from this barrel. if nothing else i can pump the rain water into the other barrel that has a working faucet. then i can use it to irrigate also.

i havent had time to build my grow boxes yet. i have plenty of chores to keep my busy. i will get to them though. i started out with just a few grow boxes. i kept adding new ones each year. now i have 13 grow boxes. the new boxes i build will fill out the rows i have. i will have 3 complete rows of grow boxes.

gotta get busy.

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