fireworks tonight

tonite we gonna light our fireworks. well the big variety packs we bought anyway. andrew lit some last night. he lit the smoke bombs and ones that spin around with sparks. he also lit whole packs of fire crackers. the racket scared the dog off. he usually disappears when the noise starts.

we werent gonna light the small ones but we had smores last night. while the boys were making smores andrew lit some. tonight we will light the ones that light up the sky. i dont like sounding old but i remember when it didnt cost much for fireworks. now you gotta buy up to have 4th of july.

a few of the surrounding towns are also doing their fireworks display tonight. there is a big one at lake shawnee tomorrow. we probably wont go to any of them. we will be content to light up some at home. i remember the traffic coming out of lake shawnee one year. it took us an hour and a half to get home. this was after fireworks ended past 10.

we were gonna cook out tomorrow. gonna fire up the grill tonight instead since we are lighting fireworks.  i like grilled jalapenos stuffed with cheese and wrapped with bacon. i will fix them. it is one of my few grilling specialties.

i am glad i mowed the yard the other day. it will look nice while we are cooking out and lighting fire works. the grand kids like to play in the yard too. andrew usually wants to have batting practice. the girls just like being outside.

i bought some wood screws to assemble my grow boxes with. i will use them instead of nails. nails tend to come loose. i want the grow boxes to last as long as they can. i know eventually they will have to be replaced. thats okay too.  i dont take the doomsday attitude. i can grew vegetables while they last then i will make new ones. this indian got some building skills.

i went out this morning to water my grow boxes. everything is looking good. i seen the cabbages are ready to be picked. we already ate one in cole slaw. after i picked them i could smell that fresh cabbage smell. we will cut them up and put them in freezer bags. we will make stew with them later. maybe fry some. we are also gonna try to make egg rolls.

in the space left after i pulled the cabbages i planted some onion bulbs. i had them left over. i didnt want to waste them. one year we ate onions we grew for 8 months out of the year. i have some more that are ready to be picked. i like to cure them before we use them.

i will have to till next to my tomato plants and green beans. the weeds popped up there. i will get rid of them in a hurry. it wont take long to do that. i will wait until it cools off in the evening before i attempt that.

gotta run to town for last minute cook out items.

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