my garden is producing

i only bought a six pack of cabbage plants this year. all six plants made it.  we made cole slaw with one. i cut the other 5 up and mary put them in freezer bags. we kept some out to make some egg rolls. we fried some with brats left over from our cook out for supper last night. it really tasted good. we put the rest in the freezer for stews later this year.  i wish i had grown more.

we cant keep up with the kale we have growing. i have onions to pick. my pepper plants are growing good. i have one cucumber forming. i should be getting more of them soon. the garden is dong well.

i started to till around the tomato plants and green beans. the tiller ran out of gas before i did. it is sitting in the garden. i will get some gas on the way home from rehab today. i will need mower gas sooner or later any way. mowing wont end til later this fall. i will finish tilling after it cools down this evening.

i have been watering my plants. it hasnt been hot so the water is really helping out. i want my plants healthy before it gets hotter. it is suppose to rain maybe this week. that will refill my rain barrels. i watered my tomato plants with one rain barrel. my gravity fed irrigation system  makes watering 20 tomato plants easier.

i am getting calls, emails and texts asking me to donate blood. i am O positive and donate my red blood cells. they can use that immediately. right now they are having a shortage of O positive. i was advised not to donate blood until about 3 months after my surgery. i cant help with the present shortage but will donate later when i can.

i havent started building my new grow boxes. there is no rush. i wont plant anything in them this year. i will have them ready next year.  then i will have 18 grow boxes. i have kept adding more grow boxes since i made my first ones. i prefer growing vegetables in them. the soil in my field will pack by august. it wont in grow boxes. sometimes i  get two crops from my grow beds.

one of my sons and my grandson lit our fireworks saturday night. they put all the debris that was left in a pile. i will pick it up later. i am glad it wasnt scattered every where. it will save me some work. i will bag it up and put it in our trash cans. i thought we had a good show for the money we spent.  we all enjoyed it except the dog.

some of my indian corn is starting to tassel. another month and we will be drying it.  maybe sooner. it is shoulder high. it is growing good. no critters have bothered it this year. i am hoping we get a good crop this year. we all love our indian corn. we have no problem making the grand kids eat it. they eat it without us making them.

got chores to do before rehab.