got some rain

we got some rain early this morning. now i dont have to water anything. all my plants got some rain. the rain barrels didnt fill up though. must not have been too much rain. no matter. we got rain and i am always thankful for that. this time of year we dont get much rain. we just get hot weather.

i finished tilling around my tomato plants. then i weeded and staked the plants to the stakes i set next to them. i also cut off the suckers. some say to do this, others not. i do cut the suckers off. i want tomatoes, not stalks. there will be less fruit but it is suppose to be bigger. i also tilled next to the green beans. they look good.

i ate my first cucumber. i planted them in the grow boxes in front of my tool shed. the vines have climbed up the trellises i made. i transplanted 8 plants. i may have lost a couple. the rest should give me plenty of cucumbers. i seen more are forming now.

we were given some movie passes cuz we senior citizens. we finally made it to a movie. we went to see conjuring 3. we felt special. we were the only ones in the entire theater. it was a private showing for us. the movie was okay,  i seen the first two. i may go to another movie since the theaters are empty. i dont like when someone has to be loud. there is always someone like that in the theater when i go to movies.

i jokingly told some family members that if it werent for amazon delivery people we wouldnt get any one coming to our house. it probably aint much of a joke. the delivery trucks are here several times a week. i prefer to have things delivered to the house instead of going to the store.

home delivery may be convenient. there is a side to that. i had to cut up all the boxes the stuff came in. i save some card board to use as bedding for the worms.  i filled two big, black trash bags with the card board i cut up. we finally have something for the recycle people. yay

i feel guilty when the recycle truck is here and we dont have anything in the recycle bin. sometimes i feel like asking if someone has things for us to put in it. i dont want the recycle people thinking i aint doing my part to save the planet eh.

we started to go to andrews last baseball game last night. we were grabbing a sandwich to eat on the way. after we got our order we got a text saying the game was changed to eight o clock. that is too late for us old folks. we wouldnt get home til about 11. at least we got to eat in town. country indians dont get  to do that often.

got rehab again today. i am coming along fine.