got puppies

i found some pups on craigslist. these pups were born on may 4th and had all their first shots. their parents are working dogs. the mother is a border collie mix and the father is an anatolian shepherd mix.  the ad said the pups ‘could be companions or follow in the foot steps of their parents and  guard your flock or herd’.

i want dogs to protect my chickens and corn. raccoons killed most of my chickens a while back. last year deer and raccoons ate much of my corn. my old dog used to chase animals off but is too old to do that anymore.

the grandsons have been asking for pups. that was even one of their christmas wishes. i remember when people gave away dogs. not anymore. many pure breed dogs go for hundreds of dollars.  a red heeler like konugish would sell for $350. at the least. i didnt want to pay that. i just wanted good watch dogs.

i have been watching the ads for the past year or two looking for a good deal. these had a rehoming fee. i emailed the owner and ask what was the best deal i could get. my negotiation saved me $50.

andrew and samuel heard i was going after two pups. they went along for the ride. they wanted to pick the puppy they wanted. i wanted pups so they would grow up loyal to us. we drove south for an hour to pick up our new puppies.  the grand kids played with the puppies all afternoon.  the pups appear to be happy in their new surroundings.

i was worried my old dog konugish would get jealous of the pups. he seemed to accept them too. we had him for over 12 years. we wont get rid of him. he has been a faithful dog. he followed me every where.

some one gave us some huge home raised steaks. we had one of them for supper last night. one was big enough for us. those steaks were real good. i prefer home raised meat to what the grocery chains sell. we get most of our meat from the meat processing plant. it is home raised.

i was reminded of my uncle bud. he used to like to chew fat. when i was eating part of that steak i cut off a piece of the fat and ate it. it tasted good. no wonder my uncle liked it. maybe its an old person thing.

i got an email from the place where i picked blueberries last year. it said that i needed to sign up for a picking time on friday morning starting at 7 am. i signed up this morning for a time. i got one for this sunday at 9:15. that is  before it gets hot. it will take us an hour to get there. we will pick enough to last us awhile.

got rehab again today. one of the nurses said i met 2/3rds of my goals already. i will keep on working.