went blueberry picking

we went south of lawrence to pick blueberries this morning. we picked two buckets full in about 40 minutes. they weighted 10 and a half pounds. these berries will last us awhile. we gonna freeze some. mary is making some wojapi now. i like that.

we had nice cool weather while we picked. the temperature was in the 60s.  after we filled our buckets we left. as we were driving away it started to sprinkle. we got done in time. we rode with my sister. we had a good visit on the way back to the rez.

we have been picking blue berries and strawberries the past few years. i have picked at this place before. we save a few bucks by picking berries our selves. we get satisfaction out of doing that. we benefit by eating more berries too.

yesterday i pulled the weeds in my grow beds. the straw mulch i put in there wasnt enough to stop weeds from growing. i bought a bale of straw. i will add it to the grow boxes. i dont like weeding. and it will get hotter this time of year. the straw will help keep the water in.

we had some strong winds the other night. the wind blew over andrews basket ball goal. it also blew off the cover to the yard light. all that is visible is the light bulb. we had other things blow around too. some of my corn stalks bent over but they are coming out of that. some straightened up.

the corn is tasseling. we need this rain around now. other years we didnt get it and the corn was stunted.  the rest of my garden is okay. i have tomatoes forming. others have flowers on them. i will be getting more cucumbers. my pepper plants look good. i picked two jalapenos.

we are filling up the dumpster thing one of the tribal programs lent us. they will come get it and take it to the dump after we had it a week. it is about over half full now. we have it a few more days to fill. we will do our best to get rid of more junk. then i can go to garage sales, flea markets or auctions.

the yard looks better already. i got rid of things that were taking up space like my broken screens i use to dry corn and pumpkin on. i will make new ones. i also had some old pallets that i got rid of.

i will have to mow again this week. the rains we have been getting is making the lawn grow. it wont take but about an hour to mow the whole yard. that sounds like a lot of time but not really. i put on my headphones and jam out to music until i am done.

our new pups are pretty much adjusted to their new home. they know everyone here. we have been penning them up at night. it wont be long before we can let them go free. the boys are going home today. i will have to keep the pups amused until the boys get back.

what will this week bring.