garden is doing good

my indian corn is tasseling and ears are forming. i can see the silk of the corn ears. we are suppose to get rain for a few days. it is needed for growth when the corn is forming. there were years when the silk was on the corn and we didnt get any rain. the heat stunted the corn. we didnt get much corn that year.

right now our corn looks healthy. deer and raccoons havent bothered it so far this year. i am hoping for a good crop this year. harvesting is still a few weeks away.  much can happen between now and then.  we need rain and sun shine. one year it was cloudy a few weeks when the corn was forming. lack of sunshine stunted it too. i have learned to depend on nature.

i will have to build some new screens to dry my corn on. i tossed the old ones. the wood on them kinda rotted out from being exposed to the weather. i bought a whole roll of screen from on line. it was in new condition but sold as used. i got a good deal on it. i will use 2 by 2s to staple the screen to. that will be stronger.

the tomato plants in my grow boxes have green tomatoes. they look good. the tomato plants in the field garden are flowering. they look good too. i weeded those and staked them. i have watered them with my drip irrigation system i have connected to my rain barrels.

i picked the onions in my strawberry boxes. they are big enough to eat now. i have them in a box curing out. we can use them any time we need. i have more onions in various stages. some i just planted recently from bulbs. i have others that i started from plants earlier.

today is the last day we have the dumpster. they will come after it tomorrow. i will be busy trying to fill it up today. i am glad we had it for the past week. we got rid of things that were taking up room. its good to do spring cleaning. an old guy said your life aint right if where you live is all messy and cluttered. i always remembered that and try to keep our place clean.

i havent mowed the yard yet. i have been busy. i will get to it this evening after it cools down. or maybe tomorrow morning. the grass isnt that high. i try to keep the lawn mowed. i dont view it as a chore. i like how the yard looks when it is mowed.

we still getting a dozen eggs a day. we havent had a problem selling the surplus eggs. there are people like us who prefer fresh eggs. ours are cage free but not range free. the chickens have a big house i built and a big yard to roam in. we feed them grain, table scraps and fresh grasses. they also get bugs from the rain barrels when i water them. the eggs taste good.

gotta get busy.