almost halfway thru rehab

this morning there was a light fog out.  i would guess visibility was about an eighth of a mile. i took a picture of our hay field and couldnt see the timber by the crick.  i could see the renters finally cut and baled up the hay. i already spent my rent money for the hay long ago.

i started to read a new book i ordered. i get tired of the news some times. seems like the rich or ones in power can get away with anything. then they can lie about it and many will still believe them. they dont have to follow the rules the rest of us have to. and they wonder why people dont like them.

i do like to read. i would prefer an in depth look at something instead of a 60 second news clip on tv. my brothers and i always had piles of books. later we all had our own personal libraries. i read a lot but i wouldnt say i am well read. there are whole categories on jeopardy i dont have a clue about.

i am not a fanatic about either of the political parties. i would rather do my own thinking instead of following party lines. i think most politicians are pretty much the same. they just wear different colored hats. now and then a few good ones come along. those ones are run out of town. not many trust an honest politician.

i have cardiac rehab again today. i am almost half way thru it. i am scheduled for 12 weeks. i hope i dont have to go all that time. i was told i have already met 2/3rds of my goals. each session i am pushed to do a little more. i do it. i think i can continue working out on my own at home.

i do wish i had an exercise bike though. i use different muscles when i am on one of those. riding an exercise bike in addition to walking on the tread mill gives me a better workout. i went to a sporting goods store and priced bikes. i found the prices are a bit more than i want to pay at the moment. some are cheaper but then i would have cheaper. i dont want that, i want a good one.

i bet there is someone out there who has an one that was rarely used. they  got on it a few times and that was it.  probably didnt get wash board abs in two weeks. i am hoping i can find a good used exercise bike in good condition. if not, i will do more walking.

the temps will be in the eighties for about a week. that is the temperature when tomatoes ripen. i have tomatoes on some vines. i hope i can eat some fresh tomatoes. the 20 plants i have in the field are flowering. i will continue to water them. we want to can many of them. i still have a few jars of hot sauce left from last years canning.

gotta do my chores.

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