got off the rez

we took our daughter to the airport outside of kansas city yesterday afternoon. she was back for some board meetings. our trip to the airport is the main time i get to visit with her. one evening we did go out to eat at her favorite thai restaurant.  its always nice to see her when she is home. she travels all over this country in her work.

we like to eat at this cajun restaurant in a mall. i usually order the blackened catfish, dirty rice and gumbo every time because i like it. we stopped there on the way to the airport. it was packed. there were people waiting for a table. i was told it was at least a 25 minute wait. i said we would come back another time.

we decided to take wabeno to the airport and eat after that. i mentioned gates bbq.  we like their food. we did a search for it in the maps app on the phone. there are about 4 gates bbqs but it took us to a place they vacated. i was still psyched to have bbq. we typed arthur bryants bbq into the app. it took us there.

there was a short line. it was already getting a bit late for supper so we just got in line. i seen pictures of danny glover and president obama on the wall. it was nice to know we ate at the same place. we havent hung out together though.

i had burnt ends with fries and ordered a full slab of ribs to go. i asked for bbq sauce on the side. some say its sacrilegious to put sauce on bbq. i like to dip my fries in the sauce. we ate the burnt ends at a nearby park. they were good. i had a coupla the ribs when i got home. they too were good.

i dont say that one of the bbq places is the best. i like all of kansas citys barbeque places i eat at. good food is good food. no sense in saying one is better than the other. i will eat at all of them again.

on the turnpike it started to pour down rain. it cleared up after a few miles. it started to rain again just as we were getting to the rez. the rain let up and we seen this rainbow. it was visible from our hayfield as we pulled into our driveway.

friday the tribes hemp program had an open house. i was curious so i went over to see the operation. i signed in and got a free sample of gummies made with cbd oil. i walked down to the field. one of the workers said they had 14 thousand plants. i seen their irrigation system. i was impressed by the operation . the hemp had its own smell.

i was reminded of my hippie days when i used to hitch hike around. i lived in humboldt county for several months.  we werent growing hemp but were involved in an agricultural pursuit eh.

what will this week bring?

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