garden crops are ripening

one of my tomatoes is ripening. should be more to follow. this one is growing in my raised beds. these tomatoes are bigger than the ones in the field  because i  transplanted them earlier. they were gimmes from the dpp program. the ones in the field were gimmes from the daycare.

i only have 3 tomato plants in the raised beds. i am hoping for a bigger crop from the ones in the field. i have 20 plants there. they have flowered and will produce fruit soon. if i get enough we will do our canning with those tomatoes.

my pepper plants have flowered too. i have bell peppers, jalapenos, habaneros and anaheim peppers growing. we use them as seasonings when we cook. we roast and dice up the anaheims. we used them as green chiles. my green beans are flowering. i have an 80 foot row of them. that will give me plenty of green beans.

the ears on my corn stalks are forming. it should be ready soon. it looks like maybe a lot of corn if most of it makes it to maturity. i will be happy with whatever i get. indian corn is precious to me. i will have to line up help with my relatives. my niece has helped us dry it a few times.  same with my sister. my sons and grandson usually help too. if we get much corn we need all the help we can get. its a good family get together.

the new pups are adjusted to living here. they have made themselves at home. they were jumping up on people. they wont jump on me though. i made them stop. i can see that these pups will be big dogs. thats okay. they are meant to be guard dogs for our chickens and playmates for our grand kids.

i have about 50 pages left in the new book i have. usually i read faster. i can knock out a book in one sitting some times. this author has a different writing style. kinda circular. like what the hell did he say and i have to go back and read some things again. i dont care for that kind of writing. i prefer someone get to the point. so far i havent been shocked by anything. people abusing power is nothing new.

the new voting laws proposed around the country have caught my interest. they say it is for safe guards. yeah really like you cant give anyone water that has stood in line for hours to vote. it reminds me of a sign at worlds of fun rides. the sign says ‘if you arent this tall (and it has a mark on the sign) then you cant ride. maybe at the voting polls they can hang up a blank sheet of paper. and put up a sign ‘if you are darker than this, you cant vote’.

my cardiac rehab is coming along fine. one nurse said i may have to change my goal of walking 2 miles. i told her i walked a mile an a half on sunday. another nurse suggested that i work out on my own at home. so i did. i will walk on the tread mill again today.