in da summertime

three of my kids were in las vegas. they were on separate business trips for their work. any time i hear of some one going to vegas makes me think of placing bets. i asked if any would be near a sports booking place. if so i wanted to know the odds of K U winning the ncaa national basketball championship this season.

one of my sons said the odds were 18 to 1 right now. i like those odds and know they will only go down by the time the tourney comes around. i told my son to put down $40 for me. most years i think the jayhawks will be in the running to be national  champs. i think that again this year. if they win,  i win $720 for believing in them. i will take that.

there hasnt been much to cheer about in KU football for the past decade or so.  when i was in high school they used to take our football team to KU  games. i had season tickets the short time i was a student at KU. it is one of the best schools i was kicked out of or that i dropped out of eh.

i have gone to other KU football games over the years. once i seen wilt chamberlain at a game. another time i seen gale sayers. i went up to gale and asked him to autograph my program. he did. i gave that to my brother gary who kept sports memobilia.

i have been following KU football. i hope this new coach can do what others didnt. our football program needs to turn into winners. we had some good players transfer out and some good ones transfer in. it will be a challenging year. i will support them.

i bought tickets to KU’s first football game of the season. we will play south dakota. that will be a good game. i hope for a win. not many even give this team a chance to win any this year. i will take the grandsons to watch the game. andrew plays football now. he will enjoy seeing that.

it looks like it is time to mow the yard again.  the rain we got makes it grow. seems like we got more moisture this year than we have been getting. my corn looks good as a result of that. and no critters have eaten any of my corn. maybe the deterrents i used this year have worked. who knows.

i ate another one of my cucumbers. it sure tasted good. i derive satisfaction out of knowing i can grow better than what is sold in most stores. the taste is so much better. at stores it cost more to buy organic or healthy foods. i can’t afford to buy healthy but i can grow it.

i am still editing my pictures. i have many good pictures of lotsa people. i remember a history workshop i went to at the smithsonian in d.c.. one of the instructors said if you want to record your history do the present. some day it will be history. i have thousands of pictures of todays rez life. good thing i took photography in college. i didnt just party all the time. my pictures will be a time capsule of todays rez.

got chores to do.