the heat is on

the yard looks good after i mowed. it takes years to make a lawn look nice.  i try to keep things picked up so i dont have to stop when i mow. i  trimmed some branches that were hanging low. they made me duck under them as i passed to mow. not any more.

we are anxious to dry our indian corn. it should be ready real soon, possibly in a week or two. i am glad the critters didnt wipe out alot of my corn like they did last year. now to keep them out of it until harvest time. we might have a good crop this year.

i need to make some new screens to dry our corn on.  i trashed the old ones. the wood had weathered the boards and some of the screens ripped. i ordered some pressure treated 2 inch by 2 inch by 8 foot boards to make the screens. i will use them to dry squash too. these screens should last  years.

i raise chickens because i have to have fresh eggs for breakfast. their taste is worth the work i have to put in to get them. i dont mind feeding and watering the chickens every day.  i have to bring the eggs in every day too. we sell our surplus eggs. we dont want any to go to waste. we have found a market to ensure this doesnt happen. 

a few days ago i decided i wanted to pickle some eggs. i got together the ingredients. mary boiled and peeled a dozen eggs. i made the brine to cover the hard boiled eggs. i also diced up some jalapenos and onions i grew. i put them all in a glass jar yesterday with other spices. i will try them after a week. i remember bars from my alky days that had jars of pickled eggs.

cleveland is gonna change the name of their baseball team from indians to guardians. i didnt find the term indians offensive. after all we are not from india. i consider myself potawatomi not indian. what i find more offensive is the treatment of our people by the federal government over past coupla centuries.

washington didnt have any bad effect dropping ‘redskins’ as their football teams’ name. they became the washington football team. the sun still came up. some fans didnt want to change the name but they stayed fans of the team after the name change.

a few people asked me about the name of my site. i reply that i lived thru the racism of being called a ‘f#$%*@g injun’.  i even got into fights over being called that. i taught a few to never use that term again. i guess people cant appreciate the sarcasm i have when i use that name.

i went to the vote counting this morning. there werent a lot of people. i got to visit with most there. thats why i went over. this indian gotta get off the rez now and then.