more heat coming

one time some one was complaining about the heat. i said this is just the way i like it. got a weird look on that. i explained that there is nothing i could do about the heat so i accept it. complaining its hot doesnt make it more bearable.

one year my corn was about ready. then we had about 3 weeks of rainy, cloudy weather. the corn was stunted. we gotta have the heat too for things to grow. too much heat and not enough rain can stunt the corn too. we are lucky we got rain this past weekend.

i woke up a few times saturday night. i could hear the rain on the roof.  i was half asleep but gave thanks for the rain. it filled up 3 of my rain barrels. i just watered my tomatoes from the other barrel. tomatoes take a lot of water. i will use the water from the three full ones to irrigate when the heat comes.

i borrowed my sons pick-up last night. i had to pick up furring strips to make drying screens. they didnt have treated ones so these wont last as long. they threw in a few crooked boards. i wouldnt have chose them. i will have enough good boards to make my screens though.

i could have ordered treated furring strips but i would have had to wait for them. i didnt know if i had the time. i will be drying corn real soon. i didnt want to take a chance my screens wouldnt be ready.

i remember when i was young, having to climb up on the porch roof and spread the corn onto sheets. now and then i would have to get back up there to turn the corn with my hand to help it dry on other sides. screens work better because the air gets to it from both sides. its easier than climbing on the roof too.

i havent built my new raised beds yet. i will make the drying screens first. what i need is a table saw. i have been checking out auctions and craigslist for one. i know some one has one but havent touched it since they bought it. kinda like exercise bikes.

this thursday i have 10 loose eagle feathers coming from the fish and wild life department. i requested them a coupla years ago. usually it only takes 6 months to get them. now there is a high demand for them. thats why i had to wait.

i have ordered feathers before. i donated some of them for use in ceremonial objects. when items have to be fixed, it is hard to find someone that is willing to part with them.

i ordered more face masks off the internet. i should get them this week. i have to wear one when i go to the hospital for cardiac rehab. i kinda have a feeling that other places may soon require them again. that delta variant of covid is causing a big spike in infections.

gotta get busy.