made screens, played indian dice

even in this 105 heat index i had to make drying screens. we need the screens to spread our Indian corn on to dry. we will be picking our corn real soon. probably right after our summer dance. i was working in the shade inside the garage. my  t shirt still got soaked with sweat. i had to change my shirt a coupla times.

i used wood screws to assemble the screens. nails tend to pull loose after a while. next i have to finish painting them. the lumber place didnt have the amount of treated furring strips i wanted. i got regular pine furring strips instead.  i am painting them so they last longer.

once they are painted i will staple on the screen. i have a whole roll of it. the roll is 30 inches wide by 100 feet long. i got that roll on-line. it was sold as used but in new condition so it was cheaper. i will save a few bucks not having to buy the 7 foot sections they sell at walmarks. i will store these in my tool shed. again to make them last longer. i will dry corn and squash every year most likely.

i made 8 screens. each screen holds about 2 gallons of corn. it dries down to less than that. i have some more furring strips left over. if we have more than 16 gallons of corn i will gladly make some more screens. it is hard telling how much corn we have in the field.

i will have to make some more saw horses. i will use them to hold some screens. i use chairs, tables or whatever to hold the screens. they take up a good part of the yard when our corn is drying. the screens allow the air to circulate around the corn as it is drying.

last night my sister, niece and niece in law stopped by. my niece made a set of indian dice. they brought some quarters. mary and i got ours out too. the game was on. we had fun playing for awhile. it took me a while to win a coupla games. i think i came out ahead.

i gave my niece a buffalo rib bone to make another set of dice with. she thanked me for that. i accumulated a few rib bones. i wanted them to make indian dice with. i havent made a set lately. after i am caught up with all my work i will get busy and make some indian dice.

as i was working on the screens i thought about when i worked on bridges. there were quite a few indians that work there. turn over was high because it was hard work and low pay. one day the foreman had to pass along a warning to all. he told me ‘if you dont come in, dont come back’. i replied if i dont come in, i aint coming back. he didnt know what to say. i was one of the hardest workers on the crews.

gotta get to painting.