picked green beans

some of my kin came over to play indian dice the other night. they checked out my garden while they here. i always want to show my gardening to people. they seen that i had green beans forming on the plants. i wasnt expecting them to be that big already. i checked them again next day and seen they were ready to be picked.

yesterday i got out early to pick the green beans. i heard the weather guy say the heat index could be between 105 and 110 degrees. i didnt want to be out there when it was that hot. i picked them as i scooted along on my garden cart.  it is easier on my back and legs. thats why i bought it. i use the cart to pull weeds too.

i still worked up a sweat. it was already getting hot that early in the morning.  that 80 foot row produced a lot of green beans. it took me awhile to pick all of them.  i filled up a big dish pan and two big plastic bowls. i was surprised we got that much.

mary washed them a few times.  i cut off the ends and diced the green beans into a smaller size. i was watching tv while doing that. mary started to cut them up too after she was done washing them. we filled up 4 gallon freezer bags full. the bags were puffed out as full as we could get them. today mary will can them in quart jars.

i didnt get a chance to finish my drying screens. the green beans had to be picked. it was such a hot day it was better to be working inside anyway. i will finish making the screens today. that shouldnt take too long. they are already assembled and painted. all that is left is to cut the screen and staple it onto the frame. the screens will be ready when we dry our corn.

drying our indian corn is next for us. we have been anxiously waiting for it to be ready. i checked on it and picked one ear. it is ready. we have to wait until after our summer dance this week end. we are lucky the temperatures will be in the 80s instead of the over 100 degrees heat index we have this week.

as i checked on the corn i noticed a coupla stalks laying over. i walked up closer to look at them. something ate some ears. i didnt turn on the radio last night. it is the first time something got to the corn.  we will have to pick it as soon as we can. we dont want to lose any more corn.  once critters get a taste of the fresh corn, they wont let up.

i got the loose eagle feathers from the fish and wild life department yesterday. i had to sign a form saying i received them. i am suppose to keep this form that shows i got them legally from the eagle repository.

gotta get to work.