gonna look for paw paws

one of my nieces wants to pick paw paws. i told her they may be ready now. wont know for sure until we go look. i know where a few groves are along little soldier creek.  she is coming over this morning so i can show her where to look. the paw paws give off a sweet aroma when you are near them.

i like paw paws. i cant eat too many of them though. they kinda rich for my taste. mary has made cookies and bread with them. i picked them a number of times when i worked in the traditional foods program. if we find alot maybe i will take some over to our fall dance.

i will get my walking in. we will climb up and down crick banks and some hills. i havent been out in the timber since before my surgery. i will be glad to be back out in nature. i like the peacefulness i find out there.

i will take my .22 rifle. never know if we will see a squirrel or raccoon. its always nice to take wild game to ceremonies. i wont spend alot of time hunting, i will just carry my .22 in case we do see something.

i went to town yesterday to get a printer. i dont print many things. it is convenient when i do need something printed like our insurance cards or whatever. i needed a printer when i got a form in an email from the fish and game department. i had to sign the form and send it back to get my feathers. i had to ask someone to print the form for me.

i got an all in one printer with a scanner, copier and fax. i want to scan the hard copies of our pictures i took back when we went on family vacations. that was when we still used film. it was before digital.  i want all my pictures in files on my computer. that takes up less space.

i got an appointment to get our pups neutered. i wont be able to look them in the eye when i load them up in the car. but i aint gotta deal with that until next month. i am surprised at the cost of that procedure.

this past weekend i cooked the one snapper turtle i had in the freezer. its the only one i had. i didnt get any this year. usually some one will bring some over. not many people clean turtles today. people know i do, thats why they bring them to me. i cleaned 13 of them one year. i took them to the harvest feast i used to help out with.

i cook turtle with celery, garlic and leeks or wild onions. that takes the gamey taste out of it. when the meat is tender and falls off the bone, mary fries it in a skillet. that gives it a crispy taste.

got chores to do before i head to the timber.

went to another flea market

we went to the brownville flea market yesterday. it is about two hours away. we drove up highway 75 then  hung a right in auburn, nebraska . we passed a historical marker about the half breed tract. it was land given to  descendants of trappers and indians of the area because they were left out of the treaties.

brownsville has a flea market every spring and fall. in the spring there are around 300 stands, the fall one about 200. there may have been less stands but there is still plenty to look at. you never know what you will find. most of the fun is in the search.

the stands stretch for a mile down main street and into the residential part of town. first we checked out the stands on one side of the street. then we came back down on the other side of the street. we got plenty of walking in. we stopped a coupla times to sit in the shade to take a break. i watched the people go by.

there were a number of food stands along the way. we passed them by because we seen a sign advertising fish or chicken. we waited for it to get our lunch.  we ordered the catfish.  the meal included chips, cole slaw and water. the fish and cole slaw tasted really good. it was worth waiting on.

i always find something to buy. my grandson andrew wanted some hot wheels cars. his friends play with them at school.  i found him a few cars.  he and samuel were racing them in the hall way. i bought the boys some airplanes.  they are made of balsa wood. they had fun with them until the planes broke up.

i bought some jewelry for giveaways. i have lotsa nieces. i found two wooden bats. i cut them down and use them to shape my roaches. i got them for a buck apiece. i bought some cheese popcorn. one stand gave me a sample of pickled okra. i liked it so much i bought a jar of it.

i found one cd i had to have. it was norah jones. she sings cold cold heart on this cd. i like her voice. i bought a small tool kit. mainly for the replaceable screw driver tips i use with my battery operated drill.  other than these few things i didnt buy much. i find things at garage sales, auctions and flea markets all the time.

at the flea market i talked with a guy i went to high school with. he must like to collect things too. i have seen him a few times over the years at different flea markets or auctions.

i finished another round woodland style roach. i turned it upside down to show what the outside looks like. it has a double row of porcupine hair.  i think it is a good roach. i am donating it for the dance ground raffle. money raised from the raffle helps pay the expenses for the place.

gotta do my chores.

might start golfing

we had our first free golf lesson. there were five of us senior citizens that took the lesson. i was the only male. first thing we did was stretches. the lady golf pro said its important to warm up. a nurse at rehab told me we probably dont stretch enough.

we were taught different ways to hold the club.  then we were taught how to swing. we used an iron because the teacher said it is better to begin with that club, then move to a wood. first we did our swing at the tee to see if we had proper form. then we moved to hitting the ball off the tee. after awhile we were all hitting the ball pretty good.

occasionally my family will practice hitting golf balls into the hayfield by our house. i can get a good drive now and then. at the golf lesson i was getting straight drives consistently. i needed to know learn how to do it right. thats why i was game to take lessons.

we had lunch at the club house. we move our tables together so we could eat together. we have known each other for years. we had a good visit and shared a few laughs. i asked the ladies if we would have a team by the next potawatomi gathering. they said yeah.

before we started our lesson i was in the gift shop. i found a new hat with the firekeepers logo on it. i had to get me a red one. i wore the hat while we were taking our golf lesson. we are suppose to get some more lessons. i am all for that. maybe i will take up golfing.

i forgot to mention something bout when we took wabeno to the airport. on the way up she seen a bald eagle. mary seen it too. i didnt get to because i was driving and it was on the other side. on the way back mary and i seen one next to the road. it was feeding off something. i took a picture of it. i thought it was neat we got to see it.

the brownville flea market is this saturday. we didnt go last year cuz of covid. we plan on going this year.  a niece is going with us. the flea market is in a little town on the banks of the missouri river. there may be about 200 vendors. it is a mile walk to the end and a mile back to the car. we will get our exercise by looking for treasures.

i am almost done with another roach i started. it is a round woodland style. i have the inside trim and first row of porky hair done. i tied the second row of hair but havent sewn it on yet. i will get that today. probably will finish it today. all that is left will be tying and sewing the outer row of deer tail trim. i am donating it for a raffle at dance ground.

gotta get to work.

near the fall equinox

last night was the harvest moon. it is the full moon before the fall equinox. the equinox is tomorrow. equinox is a latin term meaning ‘equal night’, meaning day and night are the same amount of time. i had to look this stuff up because i was interested.

we went to clint eastwoods’ latest movie last night. it was almost a private viewing. we were the only ones in the theater for a while. a couple came in late. in an empty theater they sat a row behind us. i didnt mind that. they laughing out loud at things that werent even funny.  that did bug me. there always gotta be someone like that, even in an empty place.

i noticed that clint is getting old. i remember him playing rowdy yates in rawhide. that makes me old too. we had to have some popcorn. it smelled so good when we bought our tickets. thing is it dont taste good. it has no real taste even with the fake butter on it. why cant they make some that smells and tastes good.

today we are heading to the golf course. we are getting free lessons cuz we senior citizens. i think that is neat. the only reason i dont play golf is i dont know how. now is my chance to learn, even if i am an old guy. it is too late to play golf with my brothers larry and gary though.

i need a sport i can play for fun. i heard of some that cheated while playing by under reporting how many strokes they had . or they would just play another ball when they couldnt find theirs. that defeats the playing for fun. i never was too much into that competitive thing.

i got an email yesterday bout buying ku basketball tickets. i was all happy til i seen the jump in prices. the opening game that is usually a blow out costs $46. i looked for some good seats but couldnt find any next to the aisle. i dont like sitting in the middle of the row. couldnt find any like that except in the nose bleeds.

we are scheduled to play kentucky. i was interested in that until i seen that game went for $200. again no seats by the aisle except at the top. i passed again. then i seen texas game tickets for $150. i found some by the aisle down closer. i thought about that a few times before i went for it.

that is pricey but it will be a game worth seeing. i am worth the price. i didnt go to any games last year because of covid. i have gone to at least one game a year for the past 20 or so years. thats why i said i will pay to go to the texas game. predictions are texas could be a final four team. if i only go to one game that will be the home game to see.

gotta do my chores before golf lessons.

seen da hemp

friday i went to the open house sponsored by our hemp program. i got a free sample of prairie hemp gummies. they also gave away snacks and drinks. i drank the water cuz i am on a drinking water kick.

staff were on hand to give tours and answer questions. i had a few questions and was satisfied with their answers. i left impressed with our hemp program. i think they are doing a good job.

standing in the hemp field reminded me of my hippie days. not that i grew any thing that looked like hemp. huh uh. hey that stuff was illegal. not like today,  it is legal in many states and decriminalized in others.

we did go to pick up our daughter wabeno at the airport. her flight was changed to later that night. i didnt drive thru leavenworth. i didnt want to drive  at night. i remember deer along the road after dark when i worked behind the walls.

mary canned more tomatoes. she also made some pico de gallo. it was real good with chips. it was made with fresh ingredients. home made is the best. i lost track of how much hot salsa, hot sauce and tomatoes we canned or dried.

i ordered 20 white deer tails. i need them to make roaches. i dye them and use them for trim. i have stock piled deer tails this year. i plan on making roaches all fall and winter. it will keep me busy instead of vegging out in front of the tv. i can still watch tv but i will be working.

i have started another round wood land style roach. i have the mat made and tied the inner row of deer tail trim. this roach will be red too. i have some red deer tails left. i probably will dye deer tails different colors so i can have roaches of various colors.

i only walked 6 miles last week. i planned on walking on saturday but that didnt happen. i was watching the KU football game awhile. mary was canning tomatoes. it also rained that day. i hope to walk 8 miles this coming week. my experience is that 6 miles a week just aint enough. i will also lift weights. i know i gotta do more than walk.

mary signed me up for golf lessons on tuesday. it is an activity for senior citizens. it will be at our firekeepers golf course. i am looking forward to it. the only reason i dont play golf is i dont know how. thats why i am willing to take lessons. we usually hit golf balls in our hayfield. i can get some good drives but not all the time.

i need to learn how to improve. maybe i will pick up golfing. my brothers larry and gary did. mary and my sister also play. i may join in if i learn to play. i was okay at most sports. dont know if that will apply to golf.

what will this week bring?

second row done

i finished sorting hair for my latest roach. i tied the second row of hair. now it does look fuller and has more bounce.  still need to tie the out side row of red deer tail trim. then it is done. dont wanna brag on my work but i  see this is a nice looking roach already.

my next roach will be another round woodland style roach. dont know what color yet. i will end up with many colors before i am done. i have alot of sorted hair left from this one. the length of the hair will be about the same.

we heard they were having another open house at the hemp field. we went over to check it out. didnt wanna miss the free samples of cbd oil or whatever they are giving away. thing is it wont start until 2 this afternoon. we did talk some with the young workers. they answered our questions.  we will head back over there this afternoon.

we are going to pick up my daughter wabenokwe from the airport this afternoon. she will be home for a few days. instead of taking the turnpike i want to drive the route thru leavenworth. we will pass the federal penitentiary where i used to work. i still cant believe that i went in there for bout 5 years. i think of my native brothers often.

most likely we will stop somewhere and eat after we pick up wabeno. dont know where yet. we will drive back on the turnpike because the way we taking up there dont offer many choices to eat. kansas city and topeka have more places we like. this country indian dont get off the rez that often.

yesterday mary found some wild grape leaves i dried. i put some in water and made a brew out of it. i used it to wash my hair. i remember an old guy saying to do that for healthier hair. after i shampooed with it, i thought my hair felt thicker as i was brushing it.

i dont know why but i am getting too much spam in my email mailbox. used to be that it went straight to junk mail. now it is showing up in my inbox. the spammer bots always find a way. i just erased 1800 spam off this site too. i probably miss important emails but that is way too many to sort thru everyday.

i bought a small battery operated chainsaw to trim branches. it was delivered this week. i have 30-40 trees i planted. i have to duck so the branches dont hit me when i am on the riding mower. i trim the branches often. i dont like firing up a big chainsaw for that task. this chainsaw is hand held and will be more convenient to use.

we only walked 4 miles this week so far. we will walk pretty soon before it gets warmer. probably will walk again tomorrow. that will give us 8 miles like last week. gotta log those two miles.

started making roaches again

i noticed i havent made any roaches for some time. at least not since before my heart surgery. that was many months ago. wait that sounds like how indians talked in those old grade B westerns back the 1950s.

i didnt make any roaches during my 3 months of cardiac rehab. i tried once early on but i couldnt do much reaching. my movement was restricted. one of the nurses at rehab asked what i would do this fall and winter since i wouldnt be gardening. i said ‘i make roaches and many other things.  i plan on doing that again.’

recently i felt my artistic side wanting to come out.  monday i started making a round, woodland style roach. i have 9 long roaches. i figure i would make some smaller ones just to have a variety of roaches. i will make a number of these roaches in different colors.

it didnt take that long to make the mat. once i got that done i tied the inner row of red deer tail. i was on a roll so i fined sorted some porcupine hair. i have some already rough sorted.  i got enough to tie the porcupine hair on this roach.

after i got that done i was pleased with how it looked. then i thought that it would look even better with a double row of hair. today i am sorting more porky hair to make the second row.  this will make it look fuller and give it more bounce.

as i was tying the deer tail and porcupine hair i felt i havent missed a beat. it was just as if i have been doing this all along. i like the feeling of creating art. i have been making roaches for bout 45 years. i know my art has definitely evolved. the roaches i make today are better than the first ones i made.

the pow wow trail hasnt really opened up yet. maybe next year. i will continue to make roaches. by the time pow wows pick up again i will have enough to have a stand some where.

today is per cap day. i make two car payments with mine. that leaves me some change. i will transfer some to my savings account. i started one to save for a trip. i know i probably wont be able to travel overseas for at least a year maybe. thats okay, it will take me at least that long to save enough to go some where.

i want to take a road trip somewhere, sometime. i havent gotten any extended road time. just short day trips. i like to see old ruins or go to a hot spring to soak in. it dont really matter where. just get some road time. i grew up on the rez.  didnt see much of the world. perhaps that is why i wanna travel now. i am lucky i got to see places that i didnt even dream of seeing.

gotta  do chores before i get my 2 mile walk in.

putting food away

we finished fixing our green chiles. we ended up with almost 9 pounds of it. it is in food processor bags and is in the freezer now. that will last us all year. we use green chiles in soups, stews, chili, potatoes, eggs etc. we like the added zing that green chiles give us. could even put it on hamburgers. i had one like that in the southwest.

i used anaheim peppers i grew. mine didnt grow that big so i  bought some hatch and anaheims at the kansas city farmers market. i roasted them  on the grill. i also bought some hatch peppers at the topeekie farmers market because i didnt think we had enough. they roasted those for us.

we probably wont put away any more food. our freezer is full now.  we froze nenwezhek and some veggies like cabbage. we canned  salsa, hot sauce, tomatoes and green beans. we dried our corn. i dried lotsa cherry tomatoes this year. i have some indian beans still in the corn field i will dry.

we get fresh eggs from our chickens. i prefer them over store bought. when the hens get older and quit laying eggs we butcher them. they made the best chicken soup.

we can eat some thing we produced the rest of the year. i know we dont have to do this. we can buy whatever food we need from the grocery stores. i read the labels of food in stores and cant pronounce some of the ingredients added.  we have no chemicals in the food we put away. ours tastes better too. we grow it, picked it or buy it from farmers markets.

besides the food we put away we get buffalo from the tribe. hunters bring us deer meat now and then. i get first catches of fish because i am now an old guy. we have that in our freezer too.

we try our best to eat healthy. that is hard to do. you have to work hard not to eat junk food. unhealthy food is readily available and is cheaper than healthy foods. i am 10 minutes away from pop and junk food. i have to drive 30 miles to find a farmers market.

i remember when i worked with other tribes in traditional foods. we all agreed that when our diet changed, our health deteriorated. that is why i am a diabetic, had a problem with my heart and got a pow wow gut. when our people produced their own food, they were healthier.

i walked 8 miles last week. no school today so we have the grand daughters. that means we will have to walk this evening. temps will be in the 80s. thats okay at least it aint a 100.

this is per cap week. i aint got any plans for my shonya. i do make two car payments with mine. i will have some left over to spend. it will sit in my bank account until i need it.

got chores to do.

made hot sauce and green chiles

when work has to be done, it has to be done. yesterday we had to do some thing with the tomatoes that were ripe. some were getting over ripe and had to be tossed. we made hot sauce with the rest. i made it because i like the right amount of hot. mary did the canning. we ended up with 13 pints of hot sauce.

now i will have enough hot sauce to last me all year. i used tomatoes, garlic, habaneros and onions that i grew. i think it tastes better if i grew it. i get satisfaction out of knowing i am eating something i produced. we still have a few flats of tomatoes ripening. we will can them too.

we also roasted anaheim peppers before they turned. first i ran over to the dollar general in mayetti to get charcoal. merchandise costs a little more there. i guess we pay for the convenience of it being close by. we can raise the bed of coals closer to the peppers with our new grill. that made roasting them easier. the last grill we had didnt have that feature.

after roasting the peppers we removed the outer skin. we will dice them up next. we will use our food saver to bag them up. then we will freeze our green chiles until we need them. we like to cook with green chiles. we acquired that taste from many trips to the southwest.

i was thinking that we didnt really have enough green chiles to last the year. we went to the topeekie farmers market this morning. i wanted more green chiles. a few stands were selling anaheim peppers. one stand was selling hatch peppers. and they roasted them. i went with the roasted hatch peppers. they have a little more heat to them.

one stand had watermelons and cantaloupes at a good price. the old guy even had samples of what the melon tasted like. i tried a sample and liked the sweetness. i bought a watermelon and a cantaloupe.

i seen a group of people wearing these umbrella hats. they were all walking together. i wondered how that came about. were they sitting somewhere and someone said ‘hey lets all put on an umbrella hat and go to the farmers market’. everyone probably agreed. none of them thought it would look silly. i did.

as i was leaving i seen another group of people on a corner. some of them were wearing black fedora hats. i wondered if they got together on that. i was kinda radical back in my day. i didnt wanna look like every one else did, though i most likely did.

i gotta peel the hatch peppers and deseed them. andrew has a soccer game this afternoon. he asked me if i was going. the way he asked me didnt leave me much room to say no. now i have to go to his game. thats okay. i like watching him play.

gotta get busy so i can go to the game.

walking the pups

it is suppose to be near 100 degrees on saturday. cant be too many more days like that. it is nearing fall. it was cool enough this morning that mary n i took the pups on our two mile walk.  we have only taken them once before. that was when andrew was along. they are loyal to him because he is always outside playing with them.

we want them used to walking with a leash on them. they arent used to cars yet. they walked along with us without us having to pull them. well maybe an occasional jerk to get them to move. otherwise they just followed the sound of our voices. we stopped at the bridge to let them rest. we also drink our water there.

when we got to our graveled drive way we took their leash off and let them walk down the drive. they didnt run off but still stayed near us. they are learning.  we will take them from now on. these pups will be our walking companions.

konugish is too old to walk that far. i miss him walking  with me.  where ever i went, he went. he has always been a faithful dog. i will take care of him in his remaining years. we treat our animals good. we feed and water them. we are also companions to them. they feel that.

i have walked 6 miles so far this week. i got to keep working out. it is for my health. i got in shape to do this from cardiac rehab. they got me started, it is gonna be up to me to continue. i am lucky that mary walks with me. it is easier when someone else walks with you.

i watched a movie the other night. one of the characters would play her favorite music off albums. that reminded me of my albums i collected  for years. i had to find ways to move my collection around the country. i had to replace favorite albums a number of times when they got too scratched up from playing them all the time.

i cant sing or play any musical instruments. i took piano lessons because of little richard and jerry lee lewis. i could play a tune but never developed it beyond that. that left me with listening to my favorite music.  when i hear a tune i have lotsa memories. it is music but is more than that.  it reminds me of different people, times and places.

i finally sold my album collection a few years back. i cant guess how many i had. gotta have been at least 1300 to 1500 albums. i had many others ripped off or borrowed and never returned. the albums are gone but not the music. modern technology gives me access to most of my favorite songs. i cant find some because i had a taste for a wide range of music. i wont say i listened to everything. some music isnt worth listening to.

gotta get busy.