went to a big flea market

we got rid of lotsa stuff when that dumpster was parked here a few months ago. that made room for more stuff. yesterday we went to the sparks flea market. several stand owners asked if they could help us find something. i said we dont know what we looking for until we see it. they know that feeling.

it took us about 5 hours to cover most of the stands. i say most because i skipped over a few. i aint looking for tools, scented candles or ‘cute’ stuff. i have been to enough flea markets that i know the going rate for some things. i look for a bargain. i wont pay near new prices for some thing used.

i spent more than i wanted. i didnt get a whole lot. i bought some antique brass sleigh bells. i dont have enough for a pair of dance bells. there were only 7 of them but they have a nice ring to them. the old ones have that unique sound that new ones dont have.

i bought a metal replica of a rooster. it is hanging on my chicken house now. i found a small wooden bowl that is the right size for indian dice. i will make some sets this fall. i bought some broken flints that were arrow heads or spear points. they make good fire strikers.

i found 3 old wooden baseball bats. the guy let me have them for $2.50. one supply house sells roach sticks for $7.50 each. thats why i buy old bats. i cut them down and use them to wrap roach head dresses. that helps shape them.

i bought a couple pairs of earrings and a beaded bag. i got them for giveaways. when its time for give away i like to give a gift instead of cash. seems more thoughtful to me. i couldnt pass on some enamel ware pots either.

we took some back roads home. there were corn fields every where.  corn is a staple the world got from the native people in the americas. it fed millions. now most of it is fed to animals.

we have tickets to KU’s football game tonight. there is a slight chance for rain at game time. i hope we get to watch the game. if it rains during the game we will leave. maybe we will get a rain check to see another game. at least we will have a family meal.

we postponed our camping trip for tonight. it rained last night and more is expected tonight. i know tents are made to keep the rain off of us. we dont wanna deal with mud etc. the campout was mainly for the kids. they like to camp.

today is my last day of cardiac rehab. it has been real beneficial to me. i am in better shape today than i was before i started rehab. i will have to keep working out on my own. mary and i will be walking partners. i will lift weights too.

gotta do my chores.

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