went to a football game

got off the rez again. i bought tickets to KU’s first football game about a month ago. i have been looking forward to attending this game. i think this coaching staff has the possibility to turn the program around. it is too early to tell but i have faith in them.

i have been a KU fan for decades. i went to my first ku football game back in high school. i went to more when i was a student there a little while. i seen  gale sayers at a game and asked him to autograph my program. i gave it to my brother gary.  i seen wilt chamberlain another time. he was wearing his letter jacket. i also seen many basketball players at games.

friday night we got to see KU’s football team stop their 13 game losing streak. the jayhawks havent won since before covid started.  i was happy i got to see them win. it was a game that could have gone either way. a coupla times i was thinking ‘oh no’. it was scoreless most of the first half before K U scored a touchdown.

both teams scored in the second half. we increased our lead then south dakota passed us. the jayhawks were down 4 points with less than two minutes left in the game. they came back with a touch down pass and won. the student section stormed the field after the victory.

it was a good sized crowd for a KU football game. most of them stayed the whole game. students didnt head to the bars at halftime. when KU was leading and time running out the crowd started a cheer. the student section would holler “Rock Chalk” and the other half of the stadium would answer “Jayhawk”. it went back and forth for a while. that was pretty neat.

we kinda lucked out by getting a parking space a block away from the stadium. it cost us $25 but it was worth it. after the game we got back to the car and got on the road while most were still walking to their cars. we beat the traffic. we listened to the post game show on the radio on the way out of town. we got home around midnight.

mary canned 3 quarts of tomatoes and 9 pints of hot salsa. we have more tomatoes ripening. i want to make hot sauce with the next batch. i use it on most things. i want enough to last me all year.

we will roast our anaheim peppers this week. i will make a fire outside to grill them on. we will peel the skin off and dice them up. we will put them in freezer bags and store them. we will have green chiles to cook with for most of the year.

no more cardiac rehab for me. i got a certificate i completed the 12 week course. it was signed by all the nurses that i worked with. i liked that. i will send them a thank you note. now i can do other things with my week.