walking the pups

it is suppose to be near 100 degrees on saturday. cant be too many more days like that. it is nearing fall. it was cool enough this morning that mary n i took the pups on our two mile walk.  we have only taken them once before. that was when andrew was along. they are loyal to him because he is always outside playing with them.

we want them used to walking with a leash on them. they arent used to cars yet. they walked along with us without us having to pull them. well maybe an occasional jerk to get them to move. otherwise they just followed the sound of our voices. we stopped at the bridge to let them rest. we also drink our water there.

when we got to our graveled drive way we took their leash off and let them walk down the drive. they didnt run off but still stayed near us. they are learning.  we will take them from now on. these pups will be our walking companions.

konugish is too old to walk that far. i miss him walking  with me.  where ever i went, he went. he has always been a faithful dog. i will take care of him in his remaining years. we treat our animals good. we feed and water them. we are also companions to them. they feel that.

i have walked 6 miles so far this week. i got to keep working out. it is for my health. i got in shape to do this from cardiac rehab. they got me started, it is gonna be up to me to continue. i am lucky that mary walks with me. it is easier when someone else walks with you.

i watched a movie the other night. one of the characters would play her favorite music off albums. that reminded me of my albums i collected  for years. i had to find ways to move my collection around the country. i had to replace favorite albums a number of times when they got too scratched up from playing them all the time.

i cant sing or play any musical instruments. i took piano lessons because of little richard and jerry lee lewis. i could play a tune but never developed it beyond that. that left me with listening to my favorite music.  when i hear a tune i have lotsa memories. it is music but is more than that.  it reminds me of different people, times and places.

i finally sold my album collection a few years back. i cant guess how many i had. gotta have been at least 1300 to 1500 albums. i had many others ripped off or borrowed and never returned. the albums are gone but not the music. modern technology gives me access to most of my favorite songs. i cant find some because i had a taste for a wide range of music. i wont say i listened to everything. some music isnt worth listening to.

gotta get busy.