made hot sauce and green chiles

when work has to be done, it has to be done. yesterday we had to do some thing with the tomatoes that were ripe. some were getting over ripe and had to be tossed. we made hot sauce with the rest. i made it because i like the right amount of hot. mary did the canning. we ended up with 13 pints of hot sauce.

now i will have enough hot sauce to last me all year. i used tomatoes, garlic, habaneros and onions that i grew. i think it tastes better if i grew it. i get satisfaction out of knowing i am eating something i produced. we still have a few flats of tomatoes ripening. we will can them too.

we also roasted anaheim peppers before they turned. first i ran over to the dollar general in mayetti to get charcoal. merchandise costs a little more there. i guess we pay for the convenience of it being close by. we can raise the bed of coals closer to the peppers with our new grill. that made roasting them easier. the last grill we had didnt have that feature.

after roasting the peppers we removed the outer skin. we will dice them up next. we will use our food saver to bag them up. then we will freeze our green chiles until we need them. we like to cook with green chiles. we acquired that taste from many trips to the southwest.

i was thinking that we didnt really have enough green chiles to last the year. we went to the topeekie farmers market this morning. i wanted more green chiles. a few stands were selling anaheim peppers. one stand was selling hatch peppers. and they roasted them. i went with the roasted hatch peppers. they have a little more heat to them.

one stand had watermelons and cantaloupes at a good price. the old guy even had samples of what the melon tasted like. i tried a sample and liked the sweetness. i bought a watermelon and a cantaloupe.

i seen a group of people wearing these umbrella hats. they were all walking together. i wondered how that came about. were they sitting somewhere and someone said ‘hey lets all put on an umbrella hat and go to the farmers market’. everyone probably agreed. none of them thought it would look silly. i did.

as i was leaving i seen another group of people on a corner. some of them were wearing black fedora hats. i wondered if they got together on that. i was kinda radical back in my day. i didnt wanna look like every one else did, though i most likely did.

i gotta peel the hatch peppers and deseed them. andrew has a soccer game this afternoon. he asked me if i was going. the way he asked me didnt leave me much room to say no. now i have to go to his game. thats okay. i like watching him play.

gotta get busy so i can go to the game.