putting food away

we finished fixing our green chiles. we ended up with almost 9 pounds of it. it is in food processor bags and is in the freezer now. that will last us all year. we use green chiles in soups, stews, chili, potatoes, eggs etc. we like the added zing that green chiles give us. could even put it on hamburgers. i had one like that in the southwest.

i used anaheim peppers i grew. mine didnt grow that big so i  bought some hatch and anaheims at the kansas city farmers market. i roasted them  on the grill. i also bought some hatch peppers at the topeekie farmers market because i didnt think we had enough. they roasted those for us.

we probably wont put away any more food. our freezer is full now.  we froze nenwezhek and some veggies like cabbage. we canned  salsa, hot sauce, tomatoes and green beans. we dried our corn. i dried lotsa cherry tomatoes this year. i have some indian beans still in the corn field i will dry.

we get fresh eggs from our chickens. i prefer them over store bought. when the hens get older and quit laying eggs we butcher them. they made the best chicken soup.

we can eat some thing we produced the rest of the year. i know we dont have to do this. we can buy whatever food we need from the grocery stores. i read the labels of food in stores and cant pronounce some of the ingredients added.  we have no chemicals in the food we put away. ours tastes better too. we grow it, picked it or buy it from farmers markets.

besides the food we put away we get buffalo from the tribe. hunters bring us deer meat now and then. i get first catches of fish because i am now an old guy. we have that in our freezer too.

we try our best to eat healthy. that is hard to do. you have to work hard not to eat junk food. unhealthy food is readily available and is cheaper than healthy foods. i am 10 minutes away from pop and junk food. i have to drive 30 miles to find a farmers market.

i remember when i worked with other tribes in traditional foods. we all agreed that when our diet changed, our health deteriorated. that is why i am a diabetic, had a problem with my heart and got a pow wow gut. when our people produced their own food, they were healthier.

i walked 8 miles last week. no school today so we have the grand daughters. that means we will have to walk this evening. temps will be in the 80s. thats okay at least it aint a 100.

this is per cap week. i aint got any plans for my shonya. i do make two car payments with mine. i will have some left over to spend. it will sit in my bank account until i need it.

got chores to do.