started making roaches again

i noticed i havent made any roaches for some time. at least not since before my heart surgery. that was many months ago. wait that sounds like how indians talked in those old grade B westerns back the 1950s.

i didnt make any roaches during my 3 months of cardiac rehab. i tried once early on but i couldnt do much reaching. my movement was restricted. one of the nurses at rehab asked what i would do this fall and winter since i wouldnt be gardening. i said ‘i make roaches and many other things.  i plan on doing that again.’

recently i felt my artistic side wanting to come out.  monday i started making a round, woodland style roach. i have 9 long roaches. i figure i would make some smaller ones just to have a variety of roaches. i will make a number of these roaches in different colors.

it didnt take that long to make the mat. once i got that done i tied the inner row of red deer tail. i was on a roll so i fined sorted some porcupine hair. i have some already rough sorted.  i got enough to tie the porcupine hair on this roach.

after i got that done i was pleased with how it looked. then i thought that it would look even better with a double row of hair. today i am sorting more porky hair to make the second row.  this will make it look fuller and give it more bounce.

as i was tying the deer tail and porcupine hair i felt i havent missed a beat. it was just as if i have been doing this all along. i like the feeling of creating art. i have been making roaches for bout 45 years. i know my art has definitely evolved. the roaches i make today are better than the first ones i made.

the pow wow trail hasnt really opened up yet. maybe next year. i will continue to make roaches. by the time pow wows pick up again i will have enough to have a stand some where.

today is per cap day. i make two car payments with mine. that leaves me some change. i will transfer some to my savings account. i started one to save for a trip. i know i probably wont be able to travel overseas for at least a year maybe. thats okay, it will take me at least that long to save enough to go some where.

i want to take a road trip somewhere, sometime. i havent gotten any extended road time. just short day trips. i like to see old ruins or go to a hot spring to soak in. it dont really matter where. just get some road time. i grew up on the rez.  didnt see much of the world. perhaps that is why i wanna travel now. i am lucky i got to see places that i didnt even dream of seeing.

gotta  do chores before i get my 2 mile walk in.

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