second row done

i finished sorting hair for my latest roach. i tied the second row of hair. now it does look fuller and has more bounce.  still need to tie the out side row of red deer tail trim. then it is done. dont wanna brag on my work but i  see this is a nice looking roach already.

my next roach will be another round woodland style roach. dont know what color yet. i will end up with many colors before i am done. i have alot of sorted hair left from this one. the length of the hair will be about the same.

we heard they were having another open house at the hemp field. we went over to check it out. didnt wanna miss the free samples of cbd oil or whatever they are giving away. thing is it wont start until 2 this afternoon. we did talk some with the young workers. they answered our questions.  we will head back over there this afternoon.

we are going to pick up my daughter wabenokwe from the airport this afternoon. she will be home for a few days. instead of taking the turnpike i want to drive the route thru leavenworth. we will pass the federal penitentiary where i used to work. i still cant believe that i went in there for bout 5 years. i think of my native brothers often.

most likely we will stop somewhere and eat after we pick up wabeno. dont know where yet. we will drive back on the turnpike because the way we taking up there dont offer many choices to eat. kansas city and topeka have more places we like. this country indian dont get off the rez that often.

yesterday mary found some wild grape leaves i dried. i put some in water and made a brew out of it. i used it to wash my hair. i remember an old guy saying to do that for healthier hair. after i shampooed with it, i thought my hair felt thicker as i was brushing it.

i dont know why but i am getting too much spam in my email mailbox. used to be that it went straight to junk mail. now it is showing up in my inbox. the spammer bots always find a way. i just erased 1800 spam off this site too. i probably miss important emails but that is way too many to sort thru everyday.

i bought a small battery operated chainsaw to trim branches. it was delivered this week. i have 30-40 trees i planted. i have to duck so the branches dont hit me when i am on the riding mower. i trim the branches often. i dont like firing up a big chainsaw for that task. this chainsaw is hand held and will be more convenient to use.

we only walked 4 miles this week so far. we will walk pretty soon before it gets warmer. probably will walk again tomorrow. that will give us 8 miles like last week. gotta log those two miles.