seen da hemp

friday i went to the open house sponsored by our hemp program. i got a free sample of prairie hemp gummies. they also gave away snacks and drinks. i drank the water cuz i am on a drinking water kick.

staff were on hand to give tours and answer questions. i had a few questions and was satisfied with their answers. i left impressed with our hemp program. i think they are doing a good job.

standing in the hemp field reminded me of my hippie days. not that i grew any thing that looked like hemp. huh uh. hey that stuff was illegal. not like today,  it is legal in many states and decriminalized in others.

we did go to pick up our daughter wabeno at the airport. her flight was changed to later that night. i didnt drive thru leavenworth. i didnt want to drive  at night. i remember deer along the road after dark when i worked behind the walls.

mary canned more tomatoes. she also made some pico de gallo. it was real good with chips. it was made with fresh ingredients. home made is the best. i lost track of how much hot salsa, hot sauce and tomatoes we canned or dried.

i ordered 20 white deer tails. i need them to make roaches. i dye them and use them for trim. i have stock piled deer tails this year. i plan on making roaches all fall and winter. it will keep me busy instead of vegging out in front of the tv. i can still watch tv but i will be working.

i have started another round wood land style roach. i have the mat made and tied the inner row of deer tail trim. this roach will be red too. i have some red deer tails left. i probably will dye deer tails different colors so i can have roaches of various colors.

i only walked 6 miles last week. i planned on walking on saturday but that didnt happen. i was watching the KU football game awhile. mary was canning tomatoes. it also rained that day. i hope to walk 8 miles this coming week. my experience is that 6 miles a week just aint enough. i will also lift weights. i know i gotta do more than walk.

mary signed me up for golf lessons on tuesday. it is an activity for senior citizens. it will be at our firekeepers golf course. i am looking forward to it. the only reason i dont play golf is i dont know how. thats why i am willing to take lessons. we usually hit golf balls in our hayfield. i can get some good drives but not all the time.

i need to learn how to improve. maybe i will pick up golfing. my brothers larry and gary did. mary and my sister also play. i may join in if i learn to play. i was okay at most sports. dont know if that will apply to golf.

what will this week bring?

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