near the fall equinox

last night was the harvest moon. it is the full moon before the fall equinox. the equinox is tomorrow. equinox is a latin term meaning ‘equal night’, meaning day and night are the same amount of time. i had to look this stuff up because i was interested.

we went to clint eastwoods’ latest movie last night. it was almost a private viewing. we were the only ones in the theater for a while. a couple came in late. in an empty theater they sat a row behind us. i didnt mind that. they laughing out loud at things that werent even funny.  that did bug me. there always gotta be someone like that, even in an empty place.

i noticed that clint is getting old. i remember him playing rowdy yates in rawhide. that makes me old too. we had to have some popcorn. it smelled so good when we bought our tickets. thing is it dont taste good. it has no real taste even with the fake butter on it. why cant they make some that smells and tastes good.

today we are heading to the golf course. we are getting free lessons cuz we senior citizens. i think that is neat. the only reason i dont play golf is i dont know how. now is my chance to learn, even if i am an old guy. it is too late to play golf with my brothers larry and gary though.

i need a sport i can play for fun. i heard of some that cheated while playing by under reporting how many strokes they had . or they would just play another ball when they couldnt find theirs. that defeats the playing for fun. i never was too much into that competitive thing.

i got an email yesterday bout buying ku basketball tickets. i was all happy til i seen the jump in prices. the opening game that is usually a blow out costs $46. i looked for some good seats but couldnt find any next to the aisle. i dont like sitting in the middle of the row. couldnt find any like that except in the nose bleeds.

we are scheduled to play kentucky. i was interested in that until i seen that game went for $200. again no seats by the aisle except at the top. i passed again. then i seen texas game tickets for $150. i found some by the aisle down closer. i thought about that a few times before i went for it.

that is pricey but it will be a game worth seeing. i am worth the price. i didnt go to any games last year because of covid. i have gone to at least one game a year for the past 20 or so years. thats why i said i will pay to go to the texas game. predictions are texas could be a final four team. if i only go to one game that will be the home game to see.

gotta do my chores before golf lessons.