might start golfing

we had our first free golf lesson. there were five of us senior citizens that took the lesson. i was the only male. first thing we did was stretches. the lady golf pro said its important to warm up. a nurse at rehab told me we probably dont stretch enough.

we were taught different ways to hold the club.  then we were taught how to swing. we used an iron because the teacher said it is better to begin with that club, then move to a wood. first we did our swing at the tee to see if we had proper form. then we moved to hitting the ball off the tee. after awhile we were all hitting the ball pretty good.

occasionally my family will practice hitting golf balls into the hayfield by our house. i can get a good drive now and then. at the golf lesson i was getting straight drives consistently. i needed to know learn how to do it right. thats why i was game to take lessons.

we had lunch at the club house. we move our tables together so we could eat together. we have known each other for years. we had a good visit and shared a few laughs. i asked the ladies if we would have a team by the next potawatomi gathering. they said yeah.

before we started our lesson i was in the gift shop. i found a new hat with the firekeepers logo on it. i had to get me a red one. i wore the hat while we were taking our golf lesson. we are suppose to get some more lessons. i am all for that. maybe i will take up golfing.

i forgot to mention something bout when we took wabeno to the airport. on the way up she seen a bald eagle. mary seen it too. i didnt get to because i was driving and it was on the other side. on the way back mary and i seen one next to the road. it was feeding off something. i took a picture of it. i thought it was neat we got to see it.

the brownville flea market is this saturday. we didnt go last year cuz of covid. we plan on going this year.  a niece is going with us. the flea market is in a little town on the banks of the missouri river. there may be about 200 vendors. it is a mile walk to the end and a mile back to the car. we will get our exercise by looking for treasures.

i am almost done with another roach i started. it is a round woodland style. i have the inside trim and first row of porky hair done. i tied the second row of hair but havent sewn it on yet. i will get that today. probably will finish it today. all that is left will be tying and sewing the outer row of deer tail trim. i am donating it for a raffle at dance ground.

gotta get to work.