gonna look for paw paws

one of my nieces wants to pick paw paws. i told her they may be ready now. wont know for sure until we go look. i know where a few groves are along little soldier creek.  she is coming over this morning so i can show her where to look. the paw paws give off a sweet aroma when you are near them.

i like paw paws. i cant eat too many of them though. they kinda rich for my taste. mary has made cookies and bread with them. i picked them a number of times when i worked in the traditional foods program. if we find alot maybe i will take some over to our fall dance.

i will get my walking in. we will climb up and down crick banks and some hills. i havent been out in the timber since before my surgery. i will be glad to be back out in nature. i like the peacefulness i find out there.

i will take my .22 rifle. never know if we will see a squirrel or raccoon. its always nice to take wild game to ceremonies. i wont spend alot of time hunting, i will just carry my .22 in case we do see something.

i went to town yesterday to get a printer. i dont print many things. it is convenient when i do need something printed like our insurance cards or whatever. i needed a printer when i got a form in an email from the fish and game department. i had to sign the form and send it back to get my feathers. i had to ask someone to print the form for me.

i got an all in one printer with a scanner, copier and fax. i want to scan the hard copies of our pictures i took back when we went on family vacations. that was when we still used film. it was before digital.  i want all my pictures in files on my computer. that takes up less space.

i got an appointment to get our pups neutered. i wont be able to look them in the eye when i load them up in the car. but i aint gotta deal with that until next month. i am surprised at the cost of that procedure.

this past weekend i cooked the one snapper turtle i had in the freezer. its the only one i had. i didnt get any this year. usually some one will bring some over. not many people clean turtles today. people know i do, thats why they bring them to me. i cleaned 13 of them one year. i took them to the harvest feast i used to help out with.

i cook turtle with celery, garlic and leeks or wild onions. that takes the gamey taste out of it. when the meat is tender and falls off the bone, mary fries it in a skillet. that gives it a crispy taste.

got chores to do before i head to the timber.