getting close to autumn

our pups are getting bigger. it must be the anatolian shepherd blood in them. they are almost as tall as konugish now. they are also border collie mix too. they are bred to be working dogs. we wanted them as guard dogs to protect our chickens and corn field.

i am getting a pair of moccasins made by one of our potawatomi ladies. she is very good in her craftsmanship. she is using part of a smoked indian tanned deer hide i had been saving. she told me it may take a while. i said thats alright i can wait on them. maybe i will get them by our fall dance. thats okay if i dont. i know they are being made. i havent had a new pair of moccasins in some time.

i picked the rest of our green beans. they dried up in the heat we had. i will save them for seed next year. i still have to separate them from the pods and store them. i know they will produce a good crop. i started with heirloom seeds. these will have plants identical to the parent plant. and i will save a few bucks by not having to buy seed.

my tomato plants are producing lotsa tomatoes. i picked another 4 flats of them. i picked some early because i didnt want critters to get them. they will ripen some more. then we will can them. this will be the third batch that we canned. that will pay off this winter.

i am glad that i had about 20 plants this year. at first i didnt want that many but i like it now that we dont have to buy any to can. i used my drip irrigation system i had hooked up to my rain barrels. i got to water them using rain water. i thought that was pretty neat.

i have sun dried a lot of cherry tomatoes too. we have them stored in one of the air tight containers i bought. they are real sweet tomatoes. they too will taste good this winter when we use them.

my cardiac rehab is completed. it got me in shape to continue working out. mary and i walked two miles sunday and monday. we have a good start this week. i am lifting weights too. i do the sets that was part of my rehab. i sent a thank you note to the staff that helped me rehab. i do appreciate their help.

i was told to drink plenty of water. that sounds easy but isnt. i drank water while i worked out at rehab. we also carry water when we walk. we drink it up before we get home. we have a water cooler. i got no excuse for not drinking more water. i am making an attempt to do that daily. i am keeping track on my fitbit. i know it is good for me. more importantly, it make me cut down on liquids with sugar in them.

got chores to do.

went to a football game

got off the rez again. i bought tickets to KU’s first football game about a month ago. i have been looking forward to attending this game. i think this coaching staff has the possibility to turn the program around. it is too early to tell but i have faith in them.

i have been a KU fan for decades. i went to my first ku football game back in high school. i went to more when i was a student there a little while. i seen  gale sayers at a game and asked him to autograph my program. i gave it to my brother gary.  i seen wilt chamberlain another time. he was wearing his letter jacket. i also seen many basketball players at games.

friday night we got to see KU’s football team stop their 13 game losing streak. the jayhawks havent won since before covid started.  i was happy i got to see them win. it was a game that could have gone either way. a coupla times i was thinking ‘oh no’. it was scoreless most of the first half before K U scored a touchdown.

both teams scored in the second half. we increased our lead then south dakota passed us. the jayhawks were down 4 points with less than two minutes left in the game. they came back with a touch down pass and won. the student section stormed the field after the victory.

it was a good sized crowd for a KU football game. most of them stayed the whole game. students didnt head to the bars at halftime. when KU was leading and time running out the crowd started a cheer. the student section would holler “Rock Chalk” and the other half of the stadium would answer “Jayhawk”. it went back and forth for a while. that was pretty neat.

we kinda lucked out by getting a parking space a block away from the stadium. it cost us $25 but it was worth it. after the game we got back to the car and got on the road while most were still walking to their cars. we beat the traffic. we listened to the post game show on the radio on the way out of town. we got home around midnight.

mary canned 3 quarts of tomatoes and 9 pints of hot salsa. we have more tomatoes ripening. i want to make hot sauce with the next batch. i use it on most things. i want enough to last me all year.

we will roast our anaheim peppers this week. i will make a fire outside to grill them on. we will peel the skin off and dice them up. we will put them in freezer bags and store them. we will have green chiles to cook with for most of the year.

no more cardiac rehab for me. i got a certificate i completed the 12 week course. it was signed by all the nurses that i worked with. i liked that. i will send them a thank you note. now i can do other things with my week.

went to a big flea market

we got rid of lotsa stuff when that dumpster was parked here a few months ago. that made room for more stuff. yesterday we went to the sparks flea market. several stand owners asked if they could help us find something. i said we dont know what we looking for until we see it. they know that feeling.

it took us about 5 hours to cover most of the stands. i say most because i skipped over a few. i aint looking for tools, scented candles or ‘cute’ stuff. i have been to enough flea markets that i know the going rate for some things. i look for a bargain. i wont pay near new prices for some thing used.

i spent more than i wanted. i didnt get a whole lot. i bought some antique brass sleigh bells. i dont have enough for a pair of dance bells. there were only 7 of them but they have a nice ring to them. the old ones have that unique sound that new ones dont have.

i bought a metal replica of a rooster. it is hanging on my chicken house now. i found a small wooden bowl that is the right size for indian dice. i will make some sets this fall. i bought some broken flints that were arrow heads or spear points. they make good fire strikers.

i found 3 old wooden baseball bats. the guy let me have them for $2.50. one supply house sells roach sticks for $7.50 each. thats why i buy old bats. i cut them down and use them to wrap roach head dresses. that helps shape them.

i bought a couple pairs of earrings and a beaded bag. i got them for giveaways. when its time for give away i like to give a gift instead of cash. seems more thoughtful to me. i couldnt pass on some enamel ware pots either.

we took some back roads home. there were corn fields every where.  corn is a staple the world got from the native people in the americas. it fed millions. now most of it is fed to animals.

we have tickets to KU’s football game tonight. there is a slight chance for rain at game time. i hope we get to watch the game. if it rains during the game we will leave. maybe we will get a rain check to see another game. at least we will have a family meal.

we postponed our camping trip for tonight. it rained last night and more is expected tonight. i know tents are made to keep the rain off of us. we dont wanna deal with mud etc. the campout was mainly for the kids. they like to camp.

today is my last day of cardiac rehab. it has been real beneficial to me. i am in better shape today than i was before i started rehab. i will have to keep working out on my own. mary and i will be walking partners. i will lift weights too.

gotta do my chores.