bad dogs

my  pups went on a killing spree on my chickens. thursday night they killed most of my chickens. they ate a few but just killed the rest. i only have 3 hens left now. last week one of them killed a chicken. he got into the chicken yard. i got him out. i said we getting rid of him if that happened again. then a few days ago the two pups went off.

these pups grew too fast. they were too rambunctious. they have been jumping on visitors that come to the house. i remember them having killed a snake. they carried its carcass into the yard. another day we found a crow or raven carcass in the yard. they were catching and killing animals. we should have known that was bad news.

i was surprised by their behavior. they were a breed raised to be herd or flock dogs. thats why i paid money for them. i didnt think that they would kill off my flock of chickens.

i will look for more chickens. i have raised chickens most of my life because i prefer fresh eggs. i wont give up raising chickens. my chickens have been wiped out a number of times. that dont happen often. i just start over. i want my fresh eggs. we even had people that were buying our surplus eggs. i was able to pay for most of the feed by selling our extra eggs.

i got my moderna booster shot at our clinic on thursday. i had an appointment so it didnt take long. i did have to stay there for 15 minutes after the shot. that was in case i had a reaction to it. i didnt. i thought i might as well get my flu shot too while i was already there. i got it after a short wait. they gave me a button that i said i got my covid shot. actually it was a booster.

i didnt get my free golf lesson. there was a 100% chance of rain on the day i was suppose to get it. the lesson was cancelled. dont know if i will get any more lessons this year or not.

i finished tying all the porcupine hair on the roach i am making. the only thing left is to tie the outer deer tail trim. finishing it wont take long. i will start another roach next week. once i am in a groove i can make them one after another.

i did get the 20 deer tails from the supply house. i might set aside a day or two and dye a bunch of tails different colors. then i will have them on hand. so if i am making a red or blue roach i will have that color trim already on hand. i have many boxes of rit dye that i use to dye my deer tails with. that seems to work fine for me. i dont know any natural dyes so i use rit instead.

i got chores to do. i will watch the KU football game this evening. i am still a fan.

took short day trip

i aint rushing but i been working on this roach when i have the time. i am making this for my nieces’ son. it is white so it will match any outfit. i tied 2 rows of front hair to give it more body and bounce. i notice some put less effort or art into boys roaches.

i have to tie the porcupine hair for the tail piece now. then the white outer deer tail trim. it will be finished then. i had it wrapped overnight on an old wooden baseball bat i got at a flea market. i trimmed it down to fit roach size. it is taking shape after just one wrapping.

i ordered 20 more deer tails from a supply house i have dealt with. i have maybe 40 on hand. i have pounds of porcupine hair. i have bags of rug yarn that i make roach bases with. i am good on supplies.  i have all fall and winter to make roaches. i should have enough to have a stand at a pow wow next year.

monday we took a short day trip. we went to the amish town where we stock up on supplies. i like that much of their food isnt loaded down with chemicals i cant pronounce or spell. we want pure food in our quest to eat healthier. we especially like their home made butter. it makes toast, popcorn and potatoes taste real good.

we didnt stop at any antique stores in town. we did stop at a flea market south of st. joe. didnt find much. got too much junk anyway. we had to get home because the grand daughters get off the school bus here. we have to be here for them.

last night was the first game of the world series. i watched part of it. it wasnt much fun because i dont have any money riding on it. it made me consider getting a series pool together. having pools kinda got ruined by some one that ripped people off.

some arent bright enough to know not everyone is like that. i and others have paid out thousands over the years. some forget that. in todays world once some have their minds made up there is nothing, including facts or logic, that will change their minds.

tomorrow i get my moderna booster shot. there is debate whether or not vaccines/boosters are needed or are effective. i dont get into that. i will get my booster because it is my decision. i dont force my opinion on anyone. and i wont allow anyone to force their opinion on me. if you dont want a shot dont get one. just leave me the hell alone eh.

i have a golf lesson scheduled tomorrow too. it is raining today. dont know what the weather will be like tomorrow. i wonder what they will teach. i learned how to hit the ball good off the tee. i was getting some straight drives too. anything i learn i will keep.

gotta work on that roach.

went fishing

andrew wanted to go fishing. naturally we had to indulge him. i have been saying i wanted to go fishing but havent. this weekend we finally did. i wont claim it was at a secret fishing pond. it was a state lake. there were other people fishing there too. we didnt get a bite. i didnt notice the other fishermen catching anything either.

some say that fishing is fun even if you dont catch anything. i am not much of a fisherman but i say its gotta be more fun catching fish. i didnt know what the hell i was fishing for but it didnt matter. i would have fried up anything that i caught. i was hoping for catfish.

andrew played around more than he fished. he hollered to me once. i went over to see what he was excited about. he showed me a crawdad. he said crawfish. i said crawdad. hadnt seen one of them in some time. the crick by moms house had crawdads in it. we used to see them when we played in our swimming hole.

andrew caught a small frog. he put it on his hook and fished with it as bait. it didnt get a bite any more than the worms we had or the catfish bait. he was playing by the water and i tossed a small pebble in the water near him. he hollered ‘misho a fish jumped over here’. i laughed and he knew i was messing with him.

every time i think of fishing it reminds me of a good friend of mine. we had intentions of going fishing. we stopped to get a six pack first. we got started and partied all weekend. monday the worms were dried out. we laughed. my friend was a real down bro. most of my good friends like that died off.

for awhile i thought i was gonna eat my words about knowing how the KU football game against OU would end. I liked that our team made them sit up and take notice. we led at halftime. they finally started playing in the third quarter.  OU is a football factory. they are used to 5 star recruits. we are lucky to get 3 star recruits. even they bail on us.

i didnt think the KC chiefs game would end the way it did. i aint giving up on the chiefs. they only gotta be good in the playoffs. thats when they will bring their A game. at least that is what i am gonna believe until the end of the season. only good thing about their losing is we dont have to listen to that damn tomahawk chop.

i deleted 2337 spam yesterday. that was 117 pages. the bots dont understand nothing gets posted on my site unless i approve it. they post ads in the comments section of any site they can get to. they are after free advertising. i requested approval over comments because of past blog sites. too many took advantage of posting anonymous comments to say anything and they didnt have to stand by their words.

got chores to do.

fall weather

any day i  see 4 grand kids makes my day. when i call them together they say misho wants another picture. i usually do. one thing about kids is that they are constantly growing. i am happy i have a bond with all four of them.

the boys didnt have school thursday and friday. they came to their other home on the rez. the girls get off the school bus and wait here until their parents pick them up after work. all of them play with the pups we got. they claim them as their dogs.

yesterday andrew rode with me to get chicken and dog food. my chickens partially pay for themselves. we sell our surplus eggs to help pay for feed.  the bill was $60  but i had a coupon that saved me $10. my growing pups just eat. they will earn their keep when they become guard dogs.

today KU plays #3 ranked oklahoma in football. i will watch the game on tv even though i am pretty sure of the outcome. i am a jayhawk fan. they want fans to keep coming to the games but the ticket costs have gone up. if i went to todays game it would cost $54 to sit in the same seats i had at the first game. no thanks.

i havent been working on that boys roach lately. i get busy doing things. i will finish it. i will start on another one after i get this one done. speaking of getting something done. the lady making my new moccasins said she would be finished with them this week. cant wait to put them on. i wore out many pairs of moccasins over a lifetime.

this coming week i have a coupla things planned. thursday i am getting my second free golf lesson. i am looking forward to that. i will take as many lessons as i can get. the only reason i dont play is i dont know how to. maybe i will pick the game up if i learn more.

thursday i get my moderna booster shot. our clinic called and asked if we wanted the shot. mary set up an appointment for us. i agreed i would go get it. i got the first two. i am not an anti vaxxer. nor do i believe they are taking away my freedom if i get a shot. i do this for me and i care about the ones around me.

i have settled into a routine of drinking two cups of coffee a day instead of one. i gotta have my coffee. it is something i grew up with. i assumed all indians drank coffee. the ones i knew did, including me.

the leaves havent started to fall yet. when they do i will go squirrel hunting. i will take my dogs with me. i hear of people saying they have seen big cats in this area. dont know bout that. i will still go hunting. i havent eaten squirrel since last year. i shot that one in the front yard.

got chores to do before game time.

no such thing as a free lunch

yes there is. we got one the other day. we went to town to eat some catfish.  it was good. the waitress gave us our bill for $40 and change. i took it up to the cashier and she said ‘yours is already taken care of’. i was surprised and asked “who me?” she said yeah its your lucky day. i replied yeah i guess so and walked out still surprised.

i didnt know anyone in the restaurant. nor did i recognized anyone who would have bought our lunch. i didnt know what to make of it. goes to show you that times have changed. i remember that off-rez town from my youth. when we would go to the stores there we would get followed until we left the store.

i learned long ago that not all people are prejudiced. yes some are but plenty arent. i am glad the world is changing for the better. it isnt like it was when i was younger.

after lunch i went to where i bought my glasses. they found the lenses were scratched. they are still under warranty so they ordered new ones.  it wont cost me a penny.

the rav4 needed gas. mary told me she had two coupons good for $10 worth of free gas at one stop. she took 3rd place when she entered the chili cook off contest sponsored by our senior citizen program.

i thought i was on a roll. i decided to buy some lottery tickets on the way out of town. i mean it was my lucky day. no, the tickets didnt win. i was brought back to reality.

getting that free meal reminded me of my relocation days. it was a government program designed to get the indian off the rez and make it in the city. i was sent to oakland, california. my clothes were a pair of worn dungerees with rips and patches all over them. this was before it was hip to wear ripped pants. i wore a faded levi jacket.

with my long hair, i looked like a street character. i stopped to eat. i ate like i was hungry. i was.  a dude came up and said here. he was handing me change. he thought i was a poor street person. i was but i said thats okay, i’m alright. he asked ‘you sure’. i said yeah and walked on.

another time i was in portland oregon. a group of us indians were on the street in the wino district. we sat at a table by a fast food joint. the waiter walked up and gave us his tip money. he told us we could have it. we took off after some booze. we laughed about our score.

i guess the point is there is always someone who wants to help others. they are good people in this world. i wish good things for them.

pictured is the roach i started to make. next to it is a gooseberry pie mary made. it is my favorite pie. i bought and picked enough gooseberries this year to make a number of pies. lucky me.

working on a roach

i am working on a roach this week. i have been sorting porcupine hair. that is a monotonous job. it aint hard. i have to sit here all day doing it. i either listen to music or watch tv while working. i have pounds and pounds of hair to sort.

non roach makers may wonder what the hell is this indian talking bout. i will explain. in the top of the photo is hair that has been sorted out. the  bundle on the left with the rubber band has too much white color at the bottom.  it wont be covered by the deer tail trim so it is taken out.

the next bunch has too much yellow band at the top. it would make the top row look uneven. it looks better when the yellow band is the same size. the next bunch is all black with no band. it breaks up the color of  the top band.

next to it is all blond hair. it breaks up the all black color of the middle. the next bunch has orange tinted hair. it too breaks up the color. i will make a roach with that hair sometime. the last bunch is a cross between hair and a quill, it has a hard tip on it like a quill. sometimes it can break from bending and hang down. not cool.

i am left with what is on the bottom of the picture. the bottom white is covered by the deer tail trim. then it is all black with yellow tips. this makes the roach solid colors. that looks better to me.

i need good lighting to see the differences in the hair. i sit by the window with the bright sunlight coming in. i also use lamps to see better with. it is hard to see the small differences in the hair. gotta know what you looking for.

i have almost enough hair to tie this roach. a little more sorting and i can start tying hair. first i will do the inner row of deer tail trim. i like making roaches. it keeps me busy and it satisfies my creative drive.

today i deleted 102 pages of spam on this site that had over 2000 posts. damn bots. i hope i aint missing mail that i should be reading. i probably am because i get so much spam. some may feel slighted that i havent bothered to answer them. it aint that. i dont see every email.

i still havent made grow boxes with the lumber mary got at a garage sale. i wasnt gonna be able to use them until next spring so i wasnt in a rush to make them. i have this fall and winter to get them done.  i have to replace a few  boxes i already have. they fall apart after a few seasons. my dogs tore a few ends off too. so i may not gain more new boxes. the ones i do make will last longer.

got my chores to do.

step up for down syndrome

we went to the step up for down syndrome walk yesterday. it was held out side of arrowhead stadium. this is the 3rd time we went. each was held in a different locale. i will always appreciate how the down syndrome organization helped my grand daughter cece during her open heart surgery. i will always support them and my grand daughter.

it was a nice day to be outside. we wore our ‘cece rocks’ t-shirt to show we were on cece’s team. each team raises money for down syndrome to help them continue their work. we had our own space where we sat up our chairs and visited. every team had their banner up identifying their group.

we took turns taking the girls on the different rides. they had bouncy houses, swings, slides and pony rides. there was a dj playing music that people danced to.  i got a kick out of watching them. they were having so much fun and it made people smile.

there were volunteers walking around in star wars costumes. they would stop and pose for pictures with anyone that asked. they would high five or fist bump the kids. cece had her picture taken with them. so did i.

kfc provided lunch. we had fried chicken, cole slaw and potato salad. and there were volunteers grilling hot dogs and brats. they also had bananas and apples available as a healthy snack. they had tanks of cold drinks we could help our selves to. the downs organization can sure put on an event. they see to every need possible.

after lunch we had the walk for downs. each team lined up to walk together. we did a mile walk around arrowhead stadium. mary and i pulled the wagon the grand daughters rode in. it would have tired me out pulling both girls for a mile. at different times each got out and walked for awhile.

there were hundreds of jack o lantern pumpkins every where. people got to take them home. i carried a big one back to the car. we will fix the pumpkin for pies and freeze it. we will make pies for our thanksgiving dinner. we will remember the down syndrome organization again when we have our dessert.

after it was over we headed home on I-70. on the way up our gps routed us thru some streets down town. thats because the 670 by-pass was closed. going around town on I-70 would have been quicker. thats why we took it out of town. we got home tired and had to take a nap. we enjoyed our outing with the grand kids.

today we are gonna watch the kansas chiefs football game. they were super bowl champs a few years ago. now they have a losing record at 2-3. i think they will be in the playoffs anyway.

i started making a 12 inch roach for my nieces’ son.  i already have the base for it made. i sorted some hair. i will make it with white trim. that way it can match any outfit. it will keep me busy this week.

you can be whatever you wanna be

this is a picture of me at one of the panoramas at the salina zoo.

once i was talking to a brother in leavenworth. i made a remark about what some one had told me. my bro said ‘i have found that in here you can be anything you wanna be’. he meant the guy was making up his own history. i told him it was like that out here too.

i see that too often. people create their own history.  it sounds so real you can almost believe it. its like that with some ‘super’ indians. they want you to believe they are so down with the cause or are so tradish and they been that way all their lives. reality is some just discovered they were indian. to make up for lost time they over play the role.

being indian aint a contest. being competitive shouldnt even enter into it. we are all the same. no one is ‘more’ or ‘less’ indian than the rest. dont know why some gotta ‘out indian’ everyone else. indians got more important things to worry about.

i have been missing correspondence. someone was trying to get ahold of me. they sent me emails that i didnt respond to. i get so much spam that i dont go thru it every day looking for the one letter i need to see. today for instance i deleted over 1200 spam. thats 62 pages of it. its like that often.  i wont sort thru that much spam each week. i dont know what to do about that.

i missed a deal on a roach because of all that spam. i didnt see a guy ordered one. he paid for it and didnt get it. within a few days the guy file a dispute against me with paypal. i found out when paypal told me i could state my case. i told them i wasnt aware of any deals and they never told me i had money in my account. they froze the money. paypal found me guilty even after i told them my side. they refunded the guy.

i would have sent the roach if i knew about it. or returned the money. i tried to delete my paypal account but they wouldnt let me. they have a strike against me but they wont let me go. i wont use paypal again if that is how they gonna be. i quit offering roaches on this site as a result. i will only deal with people that are standing in front of me now.

i am not a rip off. i dont cheat anyone. i have been ripped off so many times in the over 40 years i have made roaches. i wouldnt do that to any one. i couldnt count the times that some one beat me on a roach. i could almost hear the violin music when i heard the sad stories. that made me quit making roaches a few times. but i love my art and wont let anyone drive me away from it. i do this for me. its satisfies my creative side.

got chores to do.

left over trip notes

on the way home from our road trip we stopped at the zoo in salina.  we had been planning to take the grandsons there. it is a two hour drive from here and a two hour drive back home. it would take at least a coupla hours to tour it. that would make it an all day trip.

we wanted to be sure it wouldnt be a hassle. now we think the kids won’t mind going there. mary and i rode the tram with a guide explaining the exhibits. when we take the kids we will walk so we can take our time.

the zoo is a good stop. we were in no hurry since we were so close to home. we were at the zoo a coupla hours. i thought the exhibit hall was better than the live animals. the panoramic views of animals in naturalized settings looked good. i took more pictures of that than of the animals in cages. i dont like the look of animals locked up.

we like to stop and eat at ma and pa diners. we seen one that advertised “award winning chicken fried steak”. i ordered that for my meal. how could i go wrong? it was especially chewy. the owner came by and asked if the steak was tough. i signaled so so because i was chewing on some. she said they got a new meat supplier and their meat was tougher.

she offered to replace it with another one. i told her i was taught to appreciate what was put in front of me. she nodded. she was an older lady and probably knew what that meant.  she liked that i didnt complain and gave me a smile.

to be honest i couldnt have eaten another steak anyway. i was full. i went hungry enough times in my life that i eat what is on the table. i cant understand why people whine about food when so many in the world go hungry.

i dont cook often. i have a limited amount of things that i am good at cooking. today i am cooking some mishmot. most people know that as menudo.  i bought some tripe from a mexican grocery in topeekie. i also bought some pigs feet there to season the tripe with. i found that ham hocks make the mishmot too greasy.

i added some of the green chiles we fixed to the mishmot. i tossed in some of the leeks we grew and froze. i added some menudo mix i bought at the mile high flea market. buying that menudo mix is what inspired me to cook.

i put alot of tripe in the pot. the taste of it is what i like. i made so much of it i dont have to fish it out of the pot. there will be plenty. later after it is cooked i will add fresh cilantro and fresh squeezed lime juice. i am looking forward to supper.

i am kicking back today. resting up from my trip.

back on the rez

got home today. this country indian gets off the rez occasionally. we made it to the hot springs on friday evening. we soaked for a while. thats me in the top corner of the picture enjoying the hot spring water. i havent been able to enjoy that for a coupla years.

after mary and i soaked in a private pool we went to gamble. i stopped in front of  doc holliday’s in central city. it is closed now.  i won there years ago.  i didnt win this trip though. now i remember why i quit gambling. i dont like to lose. mary broke even. we did get comped a free meal. at least i won something.

we went to the 80 acre mile high flea market on saturday. before we left on our trip i was talking to one of my homeboys from the rez. he was heading to denver too. i told him about the flea market. he was there but i didnt run into him. we did text each other. he liked my recommendation.

mary and i ate breakfast there. i had a smothered burrito.  it so good it is my favorite breakfast burrito. we walked around the grounds for about 4 hours. we carried bags of things we bought back to the car 4 different times. what i didnt lose at the casinos i spent there. i was pleased with my merchandise. i bought a new hat and necklace to wear to our dances. i got lotsa other treasures too.

we found this big dipper with a sieve on the end. it has a long 3 foot handle. we bought it for drying corn. we will be able to get the corn out of the hot water after it is blanched. we can reach it with out the hot flames burning us.  i dont know what it was intended for but thats how we will use it.

i found a stand that served smoked turkey legs. mary and i shared one for lunch. it was real good. i havent had one of those for awhile either. after lunch we headed out of town. it was early afternoon. we thought we could make it home around 10:30 or 11.

we drove until we got to hays. it was around 7:30 but we decided to get a room. neither of us wanted to drive in the dark even if we were close to home. this was a vacation. we left early next day with only about 4 hours drive to home.

we stopped at rolling hills zoo in salina. we spent about 2 hours there. we hit the road again. we stopped for lunch in manhattan even though i was wearing my k u hat. we took hwy 24 the rest of the way home.

we took a detour to see where louis vieux, a potawatomi, had his family cemetery and where his toll bridge was located. we seen where the vieux elm tree was. it is gone now. we made it home about 4 o clock. we unloaded all our treasures and are ready for the  chiefs football game.

like dorothy said ‘theres no place like home’. hell yeah.