more on paw paws

mary took a picture of me and my niece when we went paw paw hunting.  no i didnt use a pistol to hunt them with. i just carried it in case i seen a squirrel or raccoon. i didnt see any squirrels. seems like they all became urbanized. they are everywhere in cities and towns but i dont see as many in our timber.

behind me leaning against the tree is my walking stick. it was given to me by a potawatomi brother from one of our other bands. i honor his gift by using it. we all carried a walking stick to steady us going up and down uneven ground. i held mine so mary can grip it and pull herself up steep creek banks.

i spent several hours hiking around when we looked for paw paws. it was weedy out there. i ended up with lotsa bug bites on me. i had to put benadryl cream on to stop the itching.

we gave away some of our ripe paw paws. some people remarked about how sweet they tasted. we kept the paw paws that were kinda hard. after they ripen we will make some bread or cookies with them. i did have some paw paw bread this week end and it was good.

now i know i am in good enough shape to walk several hours.  maybe after the leaves fall i will go squirrel hunting. i havent done that for some time. that will remind me of my youth when i used to hunt alot. i would walk for miles all day long.

when i do go hunting i will take my pups will go with me. they went with us when we were after paw paws. they would run off but would come back to us. we put leashes on them and take them on our two mile walks. they have learned to stay near us. the training is paying off.

i havent hooked up my new printer/scanner yet. i will get to it when i have some time. i have been busy all week. i want to scan some pictures into my photo folders. the hard copies are stored in plastic tupperware kinda containers to keep the picture in good shape.

the grandsons wont be coming home this next week end. they are going to visit their relatives in the southwest. maybe we will go to the amish town where we buy supplies. we are out of their butter. it tastes so good we buy a big supply to put in the freezer. we will buy more egg noodles too.

while there i will buy some crooked neck squash. i called their country store once asking if they had some. they said they would call me when they are ready. they saved me 10 big squash. i went to pick them up. they were about 20 pounds a piece. i dried them and that lasted me a long time.

we are watching a grand daughter today. she will help me feed the dogs and chickens.