copping some road time

i took my dogs out for a walk in the timber to get them used to being out there with me. they stuck by close to me. thats the way it should be. i noticed that the small creek is dry again. the same with little soldier. no running water. not even pockets of water for the animals to drink from. poor animals.

i went to topeekie this morning to get an oil change. tomorrow afternoon we are getting new tires for the rav4. we getting ready for a road trip. we havent been on the road since before covid. i think thats what  b.c. means. before covid.

i cant remember the last time we drove some where other than a day trip. we are gonna head to colorado.  get some mountain air and maybe some hiking in. i wanna soak in the hot springs. i havent done that in a coupla years. it is so relaxing. i feel a few years younger after soaking. too bad that feeling dont last.

i had to buy a cabin air filter. i know the rav4 needs one. if the oil change people replace it they mark the price up. i can get a filter for about a third of their cost at an auto parts store. they told me my brake fluid was low. i got some at the parts store. i dont like going to the fast oil change places because they charge bout 80 bucks. i usually go to walmarks who only charge $29. i wanna save my money for the trip.

after soaking i wanna go gamble in the small mining towns in the hills. i havent gambled in a coupla years. i kinda gave it up. i do enough gambling just living. this trip i wanna try my luck. mainly for fun but i will sure pocket any winnings. i remember hitting it big in those towns.

we gonna check out the big flea market in denver. it covers 80 acres. it takes us about 4 hours to walk it. i might find some treasures. i know they sell used levis for bout $5 or so. beats paying 40 for them. never know what they will have.

they have food stands. one sells smoked turkey legs. i will wait in line for one of them cuz i aint had one in some time. another stand sells smothered burritos that are real good. i will burn off any calories with all that walking.

the reason we are taking a trip is the grandsons arent coming home this week end. they are going to visit their family in the southwest. i will miss seeing them. i wont see them til the following week end.

i got 5 of my music playlists ready for when i hit the road. i only had one on my iphone. i had to google it to see how to reload my old playlists. i wanna listen to my music while driving. not whats on the radio. cant wait to put on my shades, turn up my jams, feel the wind in my hair and head toward the setting sun. hell yeah.