road time

there is an old chambers brothers song called “time has come today”. it is time for my road trip today. i am packed and ready to go.  we are hitting the road  after we have our coffee. i still like my fresh ground roasted beans. it beats the coffee on the road made in pots that are used all day long.

yesterday we got new michelin tires on the rav4. no doubt they will hug that road. we already got an oil change. and i put the new cabin air filter in that i bought at a parts store.  i checked the brake fluid and it was a little low. i thought the oil change people were trynna scam me. i added some so our brakes will be alright too.

while we were waiting on walmarks to put our new tires on  we went to the mall. does anyone still go to the mall? we wanted to get a massage before our trip. i got an hour long acupressure massage. that took out the tension in my shoulders and neck. now i will be able to drive all day.

heading home the rav4 felt like it was running smooth. new tires and an oil change tends to make that happen. day before yesterday i went to the car wash to vacuum out the car. i like it clean when i am a trip.

when i got home i had some gooseberry pie. its my favorite. it was left over from our fall dance and they gave it to me.  i had it ala mode. dont know if the old indians had it like that but i enjoy it like that. had to finish it before hitting the road.

i cant wait til we get to indian hot springs. i havent soaked in hot springs in too long. i will take the cave package. they have 3 pools all different temperatures. i try all of them out.  they are cut into the rock of the mountain. kinda neat to soak there. i will really kick back after i soak.

we will do some gambling in the hills. i like the old mining towns. they are no bigger than mayetti but they are full of casinos. they are located next door to one another. we walk around town checking them out. i was hot once and left that town with enough money to put some spring into my step.

one casino makes good buffalo wings.  some lady asked if we were indians. we said yeah so she comped us some meal tickets cuz her boyfriend was indian. she said the wings were great so i ordered them. they were good. i will get some more when i get to that casino.

i charged the battery to my nikon camera. i wanna take pictures while on this trip. i will have my cell phone but i still think my nikon takes better pictures. some dude tried to tell me it wouldnt. yeah right. just cuz some thing is easier dont make it better.

once i finish my coffee we will cop some road time.