back on the rez

got home today. this country indian gets off the rez occasionally. we made it to the hot springs on friday evening. we soaked for a while. thats me in the top corner of the picture enjoying the hot spring water. i havent been able to enjoy that for a coupla years.

after mary and i soaked in a private pool we went to gamble. i stopped in front of  doc holliday’s in central city. it is closed now.  i won there years ago.  i didnt win this trip though. now i remember why i quit gambling. i dont like to lose. mary broke even. we did get comped a free meal. at least i won something.

we went to the 80 acre mile high flea market on saturday. before we left on our trip i was talking to one of my homeboys from the rez. he was heading to denver too. i told him about the flea market. he was there but i didnt run into him. we did text each other. he liked my recommendation.

mary and i ate breakfast there. i had a smothered burrito.  it so good it is my favorite breakfast burrito. we walked around the grounds for about 4 hours. we carried bags of things we bought back to the car 4 different times. what i didnt lose at the casinos i spent there. i was pleased with my merchandise. i bought a new hat and necklace to wear to our dances. i got lotsa other treasures too.

we found this big dipper with a sieve on the end. it has a long 3 foot handle. we bought it for drying corn. we will be able to get the corn out of the hot water after it is blanched. we can reach it with out the hot flames burning us.  i dont know what it was intended for but thats how we will use it.

i found a stand that served smoked turkey legs. mary and i shared one for lunch. it was real good. i havent had one of those for awhile either. after lunch we headed out of town. it was early afternoon. we thought we could make it home around 10:30 or 11.

we drove until we got to hays. it was around 7:30 but we decided to get a room. neither of us wanted to drive in the dark even if we were close to home. this was a vacation. we left early next day with only about 4 hours drive to home.

we stopped at rolling hills zoo in salina. we spent about 2 hours there. we hit the road again. we stopped for lunch in manhattan even though i was wearing my k u hat. we took hwy 24 the rest of the way home.

we took a detour to see where louis vieux, a potawatomi, had his family cemetery and where his toll bridge was located. we seen where the vieux elm tree was. it is gone now. we made it home about 4 o clock. we unloaded all our treasures and are ready for the  chiefs football game.

like dorothy said ‘theres no place like home’. hell yeah.