left over trip notes

on the way home from our road trip we stopped at the zoo in salina.  we had been planning to take the grandsons there. it is a two hour drive from here and a two hour drive back home. it would take at least a coupla hours to tour it. that would make it an all day trip.

we wanted to be sure it wouldnt be a hassle. now we think the kids won’t mind going there. mary and i rode the tram with a guide explaining the exhibits. when we take the kids we will walk so we can take our time.

the zoo is a good stop. we were in no hurry since we were so close to home. we were at the zoo a coupla hours. i thought the exhibit hall was better than the live animals. the panoramic views of animals in naturalized settings looked good. i took more pictures of that than of the animals in cages. i dont like the look of animals locked up.

we like to stop and eat at ma and pa diners. we seen one that advertised “award winning chicken fried steak”. i ordered that for my meal. how could i go wrong? it was especially chewy. the owner came by and asked if the steak was tough. i signaled so so because i was chewing on some. she said they got a new meat supplier and their meat was tougher.

she offered to replace it with another one. i told her i was taught to appreciate what was put in front of me. she nodded. she was an older lady and probably knew what that meant.  she liked that i didnt complain and gave me a smile.

to be honest i couldnt have eaten another steak anyway. i was full. i went hungry enough times in my life that i eat what is on the table. i cant understand why people whine about food when so many in the world go hungry.

i dont cook often. i have a limited amount of things that i am good at cooking. today i am cooking some mishmot. most people know that as menudo.  i bought some tripe from a mexican grocery in topeekie. i also bought some pigs feet there to season the tripe with. i found that ham hocks make the mishmot too greasy.

i added some of the green chiles we fixed to the mishmot. i tossed in some of the leeks we grew and froze. i added some menudo mix i bought at the mile high flea market. buying that menudo mix is what inspired me to cook.

i put alot of tripe in the pot. the taste of it is what i like. i made so much of it i dont have to fish it out of the pot. there will be plenty. later after it is cooked i will add fresh cilantro and fresh squeezed lime juice. i am looking forward to supper.

i am kicking back today. resting up from my trip.