step up for down syndrome

we went to the step up for down syndrome walk yesterday. it was held out side of arrowhead stadium. this is the 3rd time we went. each was held in a different locale. i will always appreciate how the down syndrome organization helped my grand daughter cece during her open heart surgery. i will always support them and my grand daughter.

it was a nice day to be outside. we wore our ‘cece rocks’ t-shirt to show we were on cece’s team. each team raises money for down syndrome to help them continue their work. we had our own space where we sat up our chairs and visited. every team had their banner up identifying their group.

we took turns taking the girls on the different rides. they had bouncy houses, swings, slides and pony rides. there was a dj playing music that people danced to.  i got a kick out of watching them. they were having so much fun and it made people smile.

there were volunteers walking around in star wars costumes. they would stop and pose for pictures with anyone that asked. they would high five or fist bump the kids. cece had her picture taken with them. so did i.

kfc provided lunch. we had fried chicken, cole slaw and potato salad. and there were volunteers grilling hot dogs and brats. they also had bananas and apples available as a healthy snack. they had tanks of cold drinks we could help our selves to. the downs organization can sure put on an event. they see to every need possible.

after lunch we had the walk for downs. each team lined up to walk together. we did a mile walk around arrowhead stadium. mary and i pulled the wagon the grand daughters rode in. it would have tired me out pulling both girls for a mile. at different times each got out and walked for awhile.

there were hundreds of jack o lantern pumpkins every where. people got to take them home. i carried a big one back to the car. we will fix the pumpkin for pies and freeze it. we will make pies for our thanksgiving dinner. we will remember the down syndrome organization again when we have our dessert.

after it was over we headed home on I-70. on the way up our gps routed us thru some streets down town. thats because the 670 by-pass was closed. going around town on I-70 would have been quicker. thats why we took it out of town. we got home tired and had to take a nap. we enjoyed our outing with the grand kids.

today we are gonna watch the kansas chiefs football game. they were super bowl champs a few years ago. now they have a losing record at 2-3. i think they will be in the playoffs anyway.

i started making a 12 inch roach for my nieces’ son.  i already have the base for it made. i sorted some hair. i will make it with white trim. that way it can match any outfit. it will keep me busy this week.