working on a roach

i am working on a roach this week. i have been sorting porcupine hair. that is a monotonous job. it aint hard. i have to sit here all day doing it. i either listen to music or watch tv while working. i have pounds and pounds of hair to sort.

non roach makers may wonder what the hell is this indian talking bout. i will explain. in the top of the photo is hair that has been sorted out. the  bundle on the left with the rubber band has too much white color at the bottom.  it wont be covered by the deer tail trim so it is taken out.

the next bunch has too much yellow band at the top. it would make the top row look uneven. it looks better when the yellow band is the same size. the next bunch is all black with no band. it breaks up the color of  the top band.

next to it is all blond hair. it breaks up the all black color of the middle. the next bunch has orange tinted hair. it too breaks up the color. i will make a roach with that hair sometime. the last bunch is a cross between hair and a quill, it has a hard tip on it like a quill. sometimes it can break from bending and hang down. not cool.

i am left with what is on the bottom of the picture. the bottom white is covered by the deer tail trim. then it is all black with yellow tips. this makes the roach solid colors. that looks better to me.

i need good lighting to see the differences in the hair. i sit by the window with the bright sunlight coming in. i also use lamps to see better with. it is hard to see the small differences in the hair. gotta know what you looking for.

i have almost enough hair to tie this roach. a little more sorting and i can start tying hair. first i will do the inner row of deer tail trim. i like making roaches. it keeps me busy and it satisfies my creative drive.

today i deleted 102 pages of spam on this site that had over 2000 posts. damn bots. i hope i aint missing mail that i should be reading. i probably am because i get so much spam. some may feel slighted that i havent bothered to answer them. it aint that. i dont see every email.

i still havent made grow boxes with the lumber mary got at a garage sale. i wasnt gonna be able to use them until next spring so i wasnt in a rush to make them. i have this fall and winter to get them done.  i have to replace a few  boxes i already have. they fall apart after a few seasons. my dogs tore a few ends off too. so i may not gain more new boxes. the ones i do make will last longer.

got my chores to do.