no such thing as a free lunch

yes there is. we got one the other day. we went to town to eat some catfish.  it was good. the waitress gave us our bill for $40 and change. i took it up to the cashier and she said ‘yours is already taken care of’. i was surprised and asked “who me?” she said yeah its your lucky day. i replied yeah i guess so and walked out still surprised.

i didnt know anyone in the restaurant. nor did i recognized anyone who would have bought our lunch. i didnt know what to make of it. goes to show you that times have changed. i remember that off-rez town from my youth. when we would go to the stores there we would get followed until we left the store.

i learned long ago that not all people are prejudiced. yes some are but plenty arent. i am glad the world is changing for the better. it isnt like it was when i was younger.

after lunch i went to where i bought my glasses. they found the lenses were scratched. they are still under warranty so they ordered new ones.  it wont cost me a penny.

the rav4 needed gas. mary told me she had two coupons good for $10 worth of free gas at one stop. she took 3rd place when she entered the chili cook off contest sponsored by our senior citizen program.

i thought i was on a roll. i decided to buy some lottery tickets on the way out of town. i mean it was my lucky day. no, the tickets didnt win. i was brought back to reality.

getting that free meal reminded me of my relocation days. it was a government program designed to get the indian off the rez and make it in the city. i was sent to oakland, california. my clothes were a pair of worn dungerees with rips and patches all over them. this was before it was hip to wear ripped pants. i wore a faded levi jacket.

with my long hair, i looked like a street character. i stopped to eat. i ate like i was hungry. i was.  a dude came up and said here. he was handing me change. he thought i was a poor street person. i was but i said thats okay, i’m alright. he asked ‘you sure’. i said yeah and walked on.

another time i was in portland oregon. a group of us indians were on the street in the wino district. we sat at a table by a fast food joint. the waiter walked up and gave us his tip money. he told us we could have it. we took off after some booze. we laughed about our score.

i guess the point is there is always someone who wants to help others. they are good people in this world. i wish good things for them.

pictured is the roach i started to make. next to it is a gooseberry pie mary made. it is my favorite pie. i bought and picked enough gooseberries this year to make a number of pies. lucky me.