fall weather

any day i  see 4 grand kids makes my day. when i call them together they say misho wants another picture. i usually do. one thing about kids is that they are constantly growing. i am happy i have a bond with all four of them.

the boys didnt have school thursday and friday. they came to their other home on the rez. the girls get off the school bus and wait here until their parents pick them up after work. all of them play with the pups we got. they claim them as their dogs.

yesterday andrew rode with me to get chicken and dog food. my chickens partially pay for themselves. we sell our surplus eggs to help pay for feed.  the bill was $60  but i had a coupon that saved me $10. my growing pups just eat. they will earn their keep when they become guard dogs.

today KU plays #3 ranked oklahoma in football. i will watch the game on tv even though i am pretty sure of the outcome. i am a jayhawk fan. they want fans to keep coming to the games but the ticket costs have gone up. if i went to todays game it would cost $54 to sit in the same seats i had at the first game. no thanks.

i havent been working on that boys roach lately. i get busy doing things. i will finish it. i will start on another one after i get this one done. speaking of getting something done. the lady making my new moccasins said she would be finished with them this week. cant wait to put them on. i wore out many pairs of moccasins over a lifetime.

this coming week i have a coupla things planned. thursday i am getting my second free golf lesson. i am looking forward to that. i will take as many lessons as i can get. the only reason i dont play is i dont know how to. maybe i will pick the game up if i learn more.

thursday i get my moderna booster shot. our clinic called and asked if we wanted the shot. mary set up an appointment for us. i agreed i would go get it. i got the first two. i am not an anti vaxxer. nor do i believe they are taking away my freedom if i get a shot. i do this for me and i care about the ones around me.

i have settled into a routine of drinking two cups of coffee a day instead of one. i gotta have my coffee. it is something i grew up with. i assumed all indians drank coffee. the ones i knew did, including me.

the leaves havent started to fall yet. when they do i will go squirrel hunting. i will take my dogs with me. i hear of people saying they have seen big cats in this area. dont know bout that. i will still go hunting. i havent eaten squirrel since last year. i shot that one in the front yard.

got chores to do before game time.

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