went fishing

andrew wanted to go fishing. naturally we had to indulge him. i have been saying i wanted to go fishing but havent. this weekend we finally did. i wont claim it was at a secret fishing pond. it was a state lake. there were other people fishing there too. we didnt get a bite. i didnt notice the other fishermen catching anything either.

some say that fishing is fun even if you dont catch anything. i am not much of a fisherman but i say its gotta be more fun catching fish. i didnt know what the hell i was fishing for but it didnt matter. i would have fried up anything that i caught. i was hoping for catfish.

andrew played around more than he fished. he hollered to me once. i went over to see what he was excited about. he showed me a crawdad. he said crawfish. i said crawdad. hadnt seen one of them in some time. the crick by moms house had crawdads in it. we used to see them when we played in our swimming hole.

andrew caught a small frog. he put it on his hook and fished with it as bait. it didnt get a bite any more than the worms we had or the catfish bait. he was playing by the water and i tossed a small pebble in the water near him. he hollered ‘misho a fish jumped over here’. i laughed and he knew i was messing with him.

every time i think of fishing it reminds me of a good friend of mine. we had intentions of going fishing. we stopped to get a six pack first. we got started and partied all weekend. monday the worms were dried out. we laughed. my friend was a real down bro. most of my good friends like that died off.

for awhile i thought i was gonna eat my words about knowing how the KU football game against OU would end. I liked that our team made them sit up and take notice. we led at halftime. they finally started playing in the third quarter.  OU is a football factory. they are used to 5 star recruits. we are lucky to get 3 star recruits. even they bail on us.

i didnt think the KC chiefs game would end the way it did. i aint giving up on the chiefs. they only gotta be good in the playoffs. thats when they will bring their A game. at least that is what i am gonna believe until the end of the season. only good thing about their losing is we dont have to listen to that damn tomahawk chop.

i deleted 2337 spam yesterday. that was 117 pages. the bots dont understand nothing gets posted on my site unless i approve it. they post ads in the comments section of any site they can get to. they are after free advertising. i requested approval over comments because of past blog sites. too many took advantage of posting anonymous comments to say anything and they didnt have to stand by their words.

got chores to do.