took short day trip

i aint rushing but i been working on this roach when i have the time. i am making this for my nieces’ son. it is white so it will match any outfit. i tied 2 rows of front hair to give it more body and bounce. i notice some put less effort or art into boys roaches.

i have to tie the porcupine hair for the tail piece now. then the white outer deer tail trim. it will be finished then. i had it wrapped overnight on an old wooden baseball bat i got at a flea market. i trimmed it down to fit roach size. it is taking shape after just one wrapping.

i ordered 20 more deer tails from a supply house i have dealt with. i have maybe 40 on hand. i have pounds of porcupine hair. i have bags of rug yarn that i make roach bases with. i am good on supplies.  i have all fall and winter to make roaches. i should have enough to have a stand at a pow wow next year.

monday we took a short day trip. we went to the amish town where we stock up on supplies. i like that much of their food isnt loaded down with chemicals i cant pronounce or spell. we want pure food in our quest to eat healthier. we especially like their home made butter. it makes toast, popcorn and potatoes taste real good.

we didnt stop at any antique stores in town. we did stop at a flea market south of st. joe. didnt find much. got too much junk anyway. we had to get home because the grand daughters get off the school bus here. we have to be here for them.

last night was the first game of the world series. i watched part of it. it wasnt much fun because i dont have any money riding on it. it made me consider getting a series pool together. having pools kinda got ruined by some one that ripped people off.

some arent bright enough to know not everyone is like that. i and others have paid out thousands over the years. some forget that. in todays world once some have their minds made up there is nothing, including facts or logic, that will change their minds.

tomorrow i get my moderna booster shot. there is debate whether or not vaccines/boosters are needed or are effective. i dont get into that. i will get my booster because it is my decision. i dont force my opinion on anyone. and i wont allow anyone to force their opinion on me. if you dont want a shot dont get one. just leave me the hell alone eh.

i have a golf lesson scheduled tomorrow too. it is raining today. dont know what the weather will be like tomorrow. i wonder what they will teach. i learned how to hit the ball good off the tee. i was getting some straight drives too. anything i learn i will keep.

gotta work on that roach.