bad dogs

my  pups went on a killing spree on my chickens. thursday night they killed most of my chickens. they ate a few but just killed the rest. i only have 3 hens left now. last week one of them killed a chicken. he got into the chicken yard. i got him out. i said we getting rid of him if that happened again. then a few days ago the two pups went off.

these pups grew too fast. they were too rambunctious. they have been jumping on visitors that come to the house. i remember them having killed a snake. they carried its carcass into the yard. another day we found a crow or raven carcass in the yard. they were catching and killing animals. we should have known that was bad news.

i was surprised by their behavior. they were a breed raised to be herd or flock dogs. thats why i paid money for them. i didnt think that they would kill off my flock of chickens.

i will look for more chickens. i have raised chickens most of my life because i prefer fresh eggs. i wont give up raising chickens. my chickens have been wiped out a number of times. that dont happen often. i just start over. i want my fresh eggs. we even had people that were buying our surplus eggs. i was able to pay for most of the feed by selling our extra eggs.

i got my moderna booster shot at our clinic on thursday. i had an appointment so it didnt take long. i did have to stay there for 15 minutes after the shot. that was in case i had a reaction to it. i didnt. i thought i might as well get my flu shot too while i was already there. i got it after a short wait. they gave me a button that i said i got my covid shot. actually it was a booster.

i didnt get my free golf lesson. there was a 100% chance of rain on the day i was suppose to get it. the lesson was cancelled. dont know if i will get any more lessons this year or not.

i finished tying all the porcupine hair on the roach i am making. the only thing left is to tie the outer deer tail trim. finishing it wont take long. i will start another roach next week. once i am in a groove i can make them one after another.

i did get the 20 deer tails from the supply house. i might set aside a day or two and dye a bunch of tails different colors. then i will have them on hand. so if i am making a red or blue roach i will have that color trim already on hand. i have many boxes of rit dye that i use to dye my deer tails with. that seems to work fine for me. i dont know any natural dyes so i use rit instead.

i got chores to do. i will watch the KU football game this evening. i am still a fan.