last day of native american month

native american month went by.  i dont know if i did anything native. i had some fry bread on sunday but then frybread wasnt native. it became part of our diet back when we were given flour and grease to replace our native foods.

today we were gonna go watch the native american dancers at the local high school. we werent sure if we could so we called the district office. they said it would be full with all the students. we watched it on the school districts live feed.  we seen empty seats we coulda sat in.

i recognized one of my grand daughters. wasnt sure about the other one. i also noticed my nieces son. he was dancing with a roach that i made. he is a chicken dancer. i gave my niece a curved rooster tail feather from a chicken we cleaned. she added a white fluff to it and put it on the roach. that made it look good.

yesterday we took our pups for their second shots. the other dogs at the vets’ office were all nicely groomed. our pups were dusty and had stickers in their fur. they looked like rez dogs.

recently i seen a fellow tribesman at nation station. i whooped at him. he looked up and smiled. sometimes i do that and it embarrasses some indians. they get that look like ‘dont do that native stuff when i with my non-native friends’.

we have had our fill of kale. the plants are still producing even this late in the season. i have been tossing handfuls of the kale to the chickens. they like fresh greens. it is a break from the dry crumbles they eat. we also feed them chicken scraps. i hope the kale makes our eggs better. for sure it couldnt hurt.

my old fitbit quit. my daughter in law gave me a fitbit charge 3. they couldnt find the charger. my son located it and brought it over. i charged the fitbit and had to add the device to the app on my phone. first i had to remove the old inspire fitbit.

i ordered a new black wrist band for it off of amazon cyber monday. i dont like  the white one on it.  i am counting my steps again. it tells me how much sleep i am getting too. i keep track of my water intake. the fitbit makes that easier.

we aint got any christmas lights or a tree up yet. some had that going before thanksgiving. i dont celebrate christmas as much as others. some may not understand. i dont tell people it reminds me of my boarding school days.

there werent very many that had to stay at the school during christmas. the school was deserted except for us. we didnt get to be with our families like the others. it made us lonesome. they played christmas carols all the time. the other kids came back with new toys. we didnt get any. christmas reminds me of that so i dont really get into the christmas spirit.

gotta work on a roach.

went to KU football game

we went to KU’s last home football game last night. we bought our tickets a coupla weeks ago. wabeno was coming home so we asked her if she wanted to go with us. she said yeah. andrew wanted to go too. we were lucky we got their seats next to ours, but then the stadium wasnt quite half full.

KU was in it the whole game. i was hoping to see another win for this team. they didnt listen to the experts who counted them out the whole season. they showed up to play every game. we went to support our team. i plan to go to games next year.

when we arrived, we found 3 Indian ladies in our seats. i told them they were in our seats. they moved to the row in front of us. i asked one of them to take our picture. she did. i thanked her.

the band came of the gate near us for the pregame show. one of the flag girls was the lady’s daughter. they wanted to sit close to the gate to take her picture. the band did the half time show too.  i told her that her daughter did good. she thanked me.

during the day it was 65 degrees. that was great football weather. after the sun went down, it got cooler. during the game it got colder. it was 50 degrees by half time.  dedicated fans sat there and cheered our team on. half the stadium would holler ‘rock chalk’. the other half would answer ‘Jayhawk’. that was neat.

we huddled together and covered up but we started to get cold. we tried to hang in there because it was a close game. by the third quarter we were cold. i was recording the game so i suggested we leave. there was no argument. we listened to the rest of the game on the radio. KU scored again but time ran out. they lost by six points.

as we were driving home, we turn the heater up. we warmed up. that felt good after sittting in the cold for three hours. we stopped on the way home to get a sandwich. we didnt want a sit-down meal because it was getting late and we had an hour drive to the rez.

we paid someone so we could park close to the stadium. i was walking with a slight limp. i stepped on a nail in the yard. i keep the yard clean. dont know how that nail showed up. i think the dogs. they get into everything. it wasnt just lying there. it is on the way to the chicken house. i cover that ground a coupla times a day, every day.

i will go to the clinic monday. i might have to get a tetanus shot booster. you are supposed to have them every 5 years or so. i dont know if i had one. i will check. other than a slight swelling i don’t have any other symptoms.

we are having our family thanksgiving dinner today. getting together will be fun.

watching KU basketball again today

had a slight glitch on my website. it was off awhile.  i didnt go into panic mode. we notified the admin and it was back in no time.  i thought i posted a blog yesterday but it didnt show up.

we went to pick up my daughter at the airport the other day.  we went thru leavenworth instead of taking the turnpike. i was reminded of when i worked behind the walls. i remembered going into sweats with our bros i had met. i will never forget those guys.

wabeno’s plane was a direct flight and got to kc early. we picked her up at curbside so we didnt have to pay for parking. we took the turnpike home. she hadnt eaten so we stopped in lawrence to have supper. we ate at a place on mass street that served thai food. i had drunken noodles, a spring roll and a spicy soup. it was good.

while eating i met a guy i knew from my days working with traditional foods. he is a brother from the iowa tribe. it was nice to visit with him.  he asked if i was having the harvest feast. i told him i was retired from that gig and i live the life now. it is part of my life style. it wasnt just a job for me.

after eating we walked down mass street.  wabeno needed to buy a stocking cap to wear at the KU football game tomorrow. she lives in arizona now. our weather will be much cooler at the game than what she is used to. we have our tickets and we are ready for the game.

we didnt have a thanksgiving dinner yesterday. we did eat a meal together. we had deer back strop, wild rice and gooseberry pie. after we ate we played cards. we like to play pitch. later we played dominos so andrew could play. we dont get to play games often. it was family activities so we could visit.

we gonna have a family dinner on sunday. we will have a smoked turkey, nenwezhek, kakasuwabo, wild rice, dried squash, corn soup with deer and pie. i will try to get pictures of the family.

we finished our deer jerky off. i will make more with the roasts and bigger pieces of deer we froze. after that all we will have left is stew meat. we need room in our freezer because our cured meat from the half a hog we bought will be ready. we will pick up our ham and bacon.

today i will watch KU play basketball again. they played yesterday. some of our family were here so i didnt get to see the whole game. today i get to pay more attention. if they win, they play again sunday. we have depth this year. most will get time to show their talent.

i gotta change into one of my KU t shirts. i am one of those fans that like to wear team colors while watching the game on tv.

almost ready to fire up wood stove

there is no such thing as too much time with grand kids. the boys had no school yesterday and the girls got off the school bus here. i like it when 4 of them are here at the same time. i know i am getting older since i cant pick them up anymore. each used to fall asleep while i was holding one of them in my arms.

sunday my son and i tossed wood into the basement. andrew helped. he said i like doing stuff like this. i am proud that he is willing to help us. i say you can teach a kid to work but not an adult. the tribe brought us a nice load of wood, some of it was oak. that will keep our home warm.

we havent made our first fire in the wood stove yet. i have to go down stairs and stack the wood. i will clean the stove pipes out too. i replaced them late last season. i dont want any creosote build up.  there is always work to be done.

i will be glad when we have the wood stove going again. the warmth from a wood stove makes a house feel like a home. i go down to the basement more to stoke up the stove. i will be able to walk on the tread mill. i will be able to lift weights too.  the many walks up and down the stairs is a good work out too.

we are eating the deer that was given to us. while eating some i had to think of when some write stories about indians. they talk about a meal of ‘roasted venison’. i get a kick out of that. why not just say fried up some deer meat. guess that aint quaint enough.

yesterday i went after more chicken feed. i bought a new feed. it is designed to maximize egg production. i will see. it costs more but it is in 50 pound bags instead of 40. i get a discount because i have a rewards card. and if i buy $50 worth of feed, i get $10 off. i do that easily. the savings covers the extra cost and my chickens eat better.

tomorrow we are going to pick up my daughter wabenokwe. it is over an hour drive to the airport. dont know if we are gonna eat while in town. wabeno will go to the KU football game with us on saturday. andrew heard that and said i wanna go too. i was lucky to get the seats next to ours. we will sit together.

we arent having thanksgiving dinner on thursday. we are having it on sunday instead. thats okay. i will watch the KU basketball game on thursday. it doesnt matter what day we have our family dinner. the important thing is we eat together. hope my militant friends dont think we celebrating the day. we celebrate being a family and we always appreciate what we have.

got chores to do and porcupine hair for a roach to sort.

went to andrew’s basketball game

andrew had a basketball tournament yesterday in lawrence. he played at 9, 11 and 3 o clock games. i made it to the game at 11.  his team is coached by an ex KU player. that didnt help. his team got beat well kinda badly.

not making excuses but the other team was older and played together before. andrews team is young, small and  playing together for the first time. they will learn over the course of the season. having a KU player coaching will help.

after that game we went to eat lunch. we had chinese food at a place where my sons used to eat when they were poor students. mary, samuel and i headed for home after eating. i wanted to watch the KU football game at 3 o clock.

i got home in time to watch KU almost pull off another win. it was tied with bout 4 minutes left. i was hoping they would win. the fact that they were in the game says something. the talking heads picked KU to lose every game. now they have two victories and narrowly missed winning two more.

i have tickets to the last home game.  i  have watched every game. i gotta be honest. i switched channels at half time a coupla games when  the hawks werent in the game. i’m going to the last game to show my support. i believe this staff is making our team better.

friday we picked up our fresh pork. on the way home i stopped to pick up 5 more hens for $5 each. they are isa browns, a crossbreed designed for high egg production. they have some rhode island red in them. they lay big, brown eggs.

i want to continue to supply the people who bought  our surplus eggs. that helped pay for feed. now i feel some loyalty to them. they made sure our fresh eggs wouldnt go to waste.  i believe eggs must be eaten fresh for the best taste. i didnt want any sitting for some time like the ones in grocery stores.

when i got the hens home i put a zip tie on their feet to mark them. they are 2 and 1/2 years old. they may lay eggs 6 more months or longer. maybe even less. when they stop we will butcher them for soup. now we have 17 hens. all breeds that lay even in the winter.

mary managed to get all the fresh pork into our freezer. it is full now. we havent gotten our cured meats though. we wont get that until after the holiday.  we wont have the ham in time for thanksgiving.

we will have our thanksgiving meal on sunday instead of thursday. what day doesnt matter to us. the main thing is we will eat together as a family. my daughter wabeno will be home and the grand kids will be there.  i like to take pictures when we are together.

today i am watching the k. c. chiefs play. i cuss when they lose and am happy when they win. lets hope i end the day with a smile.

half a hog ready

i woke up last night bout 4 o’clock. i remembered there was a lunar eclipse. i went outside to see it and get a picture. there was only a small area that was dark. i had slept thru the best part. i tried to take a picture with my phone. i didnt get a good one. it was kinda cool so i didnt stay out very long.

years ago i sat outside with my nikon during a lunar eclipse. i took pictures of the moon at various stages of the eclipse. my house is off the road, down in the hayfield. i worried some one would drive by and see me sitting outside in the dark. didnt want them wondering if i was crazy or smoking that stuff. i liked the pictures i got though. thats why i wasnt gonna be outside for five hours last night.

the meat processing place called. our fresh pork is ready to be picked up. our cured meat (ham and bacon) will be ready next friday. we will get 4 pork chops or 4 pork steaks per package. we will get some roasts like pork butt. we will get sausage, ham hocks, neck bones, lard and spare ribs too. we will eat half of the ham at thanksgiving.

we will render down the lard. we have done that before. we thought of giving it away but decided to keep it. or at least some of it. we will fry chicken or fry bread with it. some day we may try to make lye soap but that’s another time. older people say lard makes the best pie crusts. we will try some in our thanksgiving pies.

they asked me how thick if any i wanted the fat trim on the pork chops. i said leave all of it on. i am like my uncle bud, now i like to eat the fat. some may say eating the fat isnt healthy but it wont be much. it aint like i will have it every day.

we eat more pork, buffalo, chicken or deer meat than red meat. we will have an occasional steak. that is a luxury we wont do with out. i still say that wild game and meat from lockers tastes better than grocery meats. probably healthier too.

my last lab results showed my sugar levels were high. i admit it is because i was slacking. i wasnt concerned at all after having a A1C reading of  6.8. now i know i cant let up. we have walked 6 miles this week. i also lifted weights 4 times. i am getting work outs in now. i wont let up. it is up to me to get back to where i was a few months ago. my health is my responsibility.

i finished another batch of deer jerky. i added more of my habanero hot sauce to the marinade. i cant taste it in the finished result though. thats okay the jerky is still good. my kids all want a share of what i made.

gotta work on my roach.

made deer jerky n finished a roach

my niece came after the roach i made for her son. we did a trade for it. kinda like that old guy on thunderheart. she gave me a boys ribbon shirt and boys moccasins previously. i showed her the roach with a double row of front hair. it has good movement. it has full trim on the inside and outside.

i told her many boys’ roaches arent good. they have short hair with no bounce to them. i added a spreader, a stick and wrap and showed her how to attach the feather. she will toss in some cash. we agreed we were even and it was a deal.

i finished my first batch of deer jerky this year. i started with a third of a gallon  of deer meat. i marinated it overnight with sauce ingredients i got from internet recipes. i added some of my habanero hot sauce to give some zing to it.

next day i put the strips into my dehydrator.  i put it on the jerky setting.  i checked it a few times. it looked good after six hours. some of the bottom rows werent the same consistency. i moved the bottom rows to the top, closer to the heat source. after an hour it was all the same. it tastes good. i will keep some and give some to my kids.

i have more deer to cut up. i will make jerky with it. i ordered half a hog. that is why i will make jerky. our freezer is full. we store veggies i grow or we buy at farmers market. we also store berries and nenwezhek we picked in the freezer. we store our dried corn and squash there too.

we put alot of work into storing food that we can, dry or freeze. i tell people we can eat something we put away year round. we try to eat healthier. that is hard to do since many foods have preservatives, steriods, coloring etc in them. the foods we put away dont.

we walked another two miles last evening.  the weather app said sunset was at 6:07. we left after the grand daughters went home around 4:30. they get off the school bus here. i said we would have time. it was getting darker on the way home. sunset was actually 5:07.  must be the time change. we got home safely.

i tied some deer tail trim yesterday. it is for the inside of a boys roach. it will be another 12 inch roach. the main color will be royal blue. i will get it done at my own pace. so far i have made a dozen roaches this year. i will continue to make more for the stand i will have.

i ordered a red hoodie with the Kansas Jayhawks logo on it. it was delivered yesterday. it is a zip up with side pockets. i dont care for the ones that have to be slipped over the head. i may wear it to KU’s last home football game. or i may wear a blue hoodie i have since the home crowd wears blue.

gotta feed my animals then get busy.

fall time of the year

kids playing in a pile of leaves says it is fall time. andrew wanted to do that. the trees i planted over the past 35 years produce plenty of leaves. andrew and kinikwe started raking up leaves. i seen them and went out to help them.

i rolled the wheel barrow to them. i told andrew to fill it up. he rolled the leaves over to the pile they had started. i let them go at it. when i came back outside they had a big pile of leaves.

samuel and celia came out to see what was going on. andrew showed them how he was falling into the pile. it wasnt long before they were all playing in the leaves. they got the pups involved too. i took pictures of them. andrew put in the work so they could all have fun. kini helped.

the grand kids went home because they have school this week. now i have a big pile of leaves in the yard. that will be a good start to my new compost pile. i was thinking that as i helped them pile the leaves up. kind of a tom sawyer thing.

a coupla hunters came by. they asked if we wanted some deer meat. at first i was hesitant because i knew it would take work. i said yeah we will take some. they gave us two hind quarters,  the back strop and a front quarter. i hung the two hind quarters. they will cure  a few days before we will cut the meat off the bone.

we got busy cutting up the rest and bagging it. we filled a few bags with stew meat.  i kept some bigger pieces. i will cut it up and make deer jerky with it. i have two dehydrators i bought at garage sales. i have used them before to make deer jerky. they work better than using the oven. i will jerky the hind quarters too. we need freezer space for the half hog we ordered.

mary and i walked two miles yesterday. i gotta get my sugar down.  my lab reports said it was high. i gotta be honest i wasnt worried about it and let it slide. my sugar from my last lab was 6.8.  that is why i got lax. i figured i had nothing to worry about. wrong.

i havent been working out since i finished cardiac rehab.   working out keeps  sugar levels down. thats why i started walking again. i even lifted weights a bit. i used dumbbells. i will keep it up. we plan to walk on the road until the weather gets cold. then we will walk on the treadmill in the basement.

i watched  KU upset  texas  in football on saturday. i bought tickets to KU’s last home football game to show my support for the team. we went to the first game then i watched the rest on tv.  last night i watched the Chiefs beat the raiders. my daughter wabenokwe was at the game. glad my teams won.

what will this week bring?

grandkids n their pups

our new pups are getting settled into their new home. the grand daughters got off the school bus here yesterday. the grandsons are home for the weekend.  naturally they all had to hold the pups. the grand kids already fell in love with them.

the pups have names but i know the boys will rename them. andrew was up early and went to check on the pups. the girls came over. the grand kids have been playing with the pups most of the morning.

yesterday we picked the pups up near hiawatha. they are pure bred australian shepherds. they dont have papers. thats okay. they arent our possessions, they gonna live with us as companions. they come from working dogs.  we expect them to guard our home and new flock of chickens. that is why we got them.

we stopped at the feed store on the way home. we bought food for the pups. they were on a special diet. we were given a coupla bags of what they were being raised on. we are mixing it with what we bought so they get used to their new diet.

i was talking to the owner at the feed store. years ago i bought some piglets from him. i fed them until it they were big enough to butcher. that pork tasted much better than the pork from grocery stores. the feed store owner asked if we knew any one interested in buying butcher hogs.

i said we are interested. i said maybe i can find someone who wants to go in half on a hog. he said he had half a hog for sale. someone bought the other half. that hog will go to market on the 17th of this month. we said we would take it. we have to call the meat locker to tell them how we want it cut.

there is no doubt in my mind that home raised pork will taste real good. we rarely buy meat from a grocery store. we get ours from meat lockers. it is raised by local ranchers. we support the small business man. most dont use the steroids, preservatives etc that the chain stores use to fast produce meat.  if the ham is ready by thanksgiving we will have it with our meal.

yesterday i had my quarterly lab tests. i found out my sugar is high. nothing has changed except i am less active. during my cardiac rehab i was working out 3 times or more a week. i will get back to that. i dont move around as much when i am making roaches. i will work hard at getting healthier.

tomorrow mary and i are going to help at a fund raiser. it is a fish fry held at the dance grounds. it will be from 11 until everything is gone. donations of desserts, salads etc are welcomed.  it is for my sister in law whose house got totaled from a fire. it will give members of our community an opportunity to help her.

got chores to do.

found some pups

our new laying hens are settling in. we are already getting eggs from them. the first day we got 5 eggs, yesterday we got 4.  we will get more as the hens get acclimated to their new environment.  people buy eggs from us regularly because they like fresh eggs too. they get cage free eggs and it helps pay our feed bill.

i will do some repair work on the chicken yard. some one gave me a row of fencing wire. i will it to cover the spots when the dogs got underneath the fence. that is how they were able to kill the chickens. i will nail  boards across the bottom to prevent critters from digging under the fence.

i ordered another set of solar powered lights for the chicken house. they will be delivered tomorrow. i wanted them so we can use them to add more light. chickens lay less eggs when daylight is shorter. the chickens we have should still give us eggs over the winter. solar powered lights will help too.

we found some pups. they are australian shepherds. they had their first shots and deworming. we will give a $75 rehoming fee for each pup. we dont mind. most dogs are priced much higher than that.

i texted the grandsons to see if they wanted these pups. both said yes we want them. i  promised them i would replace the other pups that killed off most of our chickens. those pups were just too rambunctious. they were jumping on people, tearing stuff up and killing animals. we want laid back dogs that protect our chickens and guard our home.

our dog konugish will like having company. we have had him since he was a pup. we guess he is about 13 years old. he can hardly walk now cuz he so old. he has been a faithful dog. we treated him good and he was good to us. once a dog growled at andrew when he was little. konugish got in between them and growled back. he backed the other dog off. he wasnt gonna let that dog mess with andrew.

we will give the new pups a good home. our grand daughters love dogs too when they come over. when you live in the country you gotta have dogs as companions.

the weather is getting cooler. the tribe brought us a load of wood. we  will make a fire in the wood stove soon. it is getting to be fall now. the leaves are falling. it will be squirrel hunting time.  i hope to rake up some leaves to make a new compost pile. i will add chicken manure, coffee grounds, egg shells and table scraps to it. that will add organic matter to my grow boxes.

i moved my worm farm to the basement. i will keep them down there this winter. i didnt want them to freeze when temperatures drop. i will add the worm castings to my grow boxes too.

tomorrow is my quarterly lab and doctor visit. i will see how i am doing. hope my results are good.