almost next year

it is almost the calendar new year. my new year is springtime when life starts over. i acknowledge the calendar year too. i am happy to add another year to my life. i have turned the pages of the calendar a few times. i wont be awake at midnite when some text to wish me a happy new year.

winter is just starting. we havent even had our first snow yet. they are predicting it may snow 4 to 6 inches tomorrow. i will wash my face in the snow when we get it. the grandkids have learned to do that from watching us.

i will be able to hunt rabbits after the first snow too. i work hard to grow a garden and the rabbits come along and eat in it.  i believe it is fair to eat the rabbits that fattened up on my garden.

i will toss wood into the basement today while temps are in the 50s. they will be in the single digits this weekend at night.  we need enough wood to last thru this cold snap. yesterday i cleaned the stove pipes and started a fire in the wood stove. it will be cold outside, but our home will be warm.

spring may not be close but i got my first seed catalog. it is from an heirloom seed company i have done business with for years. i do save seeds from things i grow too. i will go thru this catalog and see what seeds i want. if i wait, the seeds i want may sell out.

our family really dont get into the whole gift giving thing. we do for the kids but not the adults. i did get a present from my daughter. she knows i do lotsa shopping online. the delivery trucks are here a coupla times a week. she gave me an amazon gift card. exactly what i need.

i have already ordered a new hat to wear to the dance. i ordered a solar powered light with a timer for my chicken house too. it costs more, which is why i didnt order one before.  the solar light i have in the chicken house now doesnt have one. its too much bother to turn the lights on and off every day. thats why i need a timer.

our christmas tree is still up. i asked the grandsons how long they want to keep it. they said all week. they are here until school starts again. they like to see the lights on as much as i do. someone will turn them on, and we leave them on all day. we only turn them off when we go to bed.

i started an access data base to keep track of my cds. i have bought duplicates because i wasnt sure if i had a cd or not. other times i have considered buying a cd but didnt know if i already owned it. i will put the access file on my phone to clear that up. first i have much encoding to do.

happy new year all. have a good one.

another day trip

we have taken many trips out west. whenever we would pass salina we noticed the signs for their zoo. we kept saying we should check it out. we finally did after a trip to soak in the hot springs near denver. after touring the zoo we knew the kids would enjoy it.

yesterday we took the grandsons to see the zoo. we told them it would be a two hour drive there and two hours back. they charged their tablets so they could play games on the drive.

on the way we seen many signs that were blown down. that was caused by the high winds that went thru kansas a while back. we could see that wooden posts were snapped and metal posts were bent. that wind was powerful.

when we arrived at the zoo, we had to go thru the big building first. it has exhibits of animals in their natural habitats. the animals werent live but looked very realistic. the boys ran from one exhibit to another. we could hear the excitement in their voices.

after touring the building we walked to see the live animals. we covered alot of ground. they had more animals than the ‘world famous’ topeka zoo.  samuel got tired from all the walking. it took us two hours to see all the exhibits.

the boys liked the stop by the big pond. it had koi and geese in it. its a good thing we had some quarters for the feed machines. the boys got into feeding the koi. they watched the geese race the koi to the feed when it hit the water.

after seeing the lions, tigers, bears (oh my), giraffes, monkeys, rhino etc. we headed back to the main building. andrew wanted to go back thru it again. samuel rested on a bench with his gramma. i went with andrew. after he was done, we went to the gift shop. the boys made misho spring for some souvenir toys.

on the way we seen a sign advertising a burger joint.  mary looked it up on her phone. they claimed they made the best burgers around. we went there for our lunch. it was a small, 99-year-old diner but had lines of customers. we waited in line for our burgers. they were small, more like sliders, but they were real good.

further down the road was the chocolate making plant. we stopped there for some ice cream cones. i passed on the candy. i knew i wouldnt leave it alone but i had to. we hit the road after that.

we turned onto highway 24 to take a back way home. we passed by the old st. marys school. it was built on land that belonged to the potawatomi. it was supposed to be returned to us when the school shut down. it wasnt. we got ripped off.

as we got closer to home i asked the boys if they enjoyed themselves. they both said yeah. it was a nice day trip. when my grandkids are happy, that makes me happy.

back to work

i have been busy these past few days at our winter dance. that means it is officially winter to me.  i have to get back to work now. i was working on two round, woodland style roaches. i have the bases and the inner trim done.

i will finish making them this week. or at least sort enough porcupine hair to finish them. i need enough hair to make a double row of hair for two roaches. i sorted hair for several hours last week. i saved the longer hair for big roaches i will make later.

i dvr’d the k.c. chiefs football game. i got to watch it after we got home last night. the chiefs won even with a number of players out with the covid. they will be back for the next game. i wanna see the chiefs get the overall number one seed. they will have home field advantage thru out the playoffs to the super bowl.

now if they would just stop that damn tomahawk chop. i dont know if it is racist, but it is stupid. it sounds like a bad 1950s grade B western movie. i have been around indians my whole life and never heard one do the tomahawk chop. chiefs fans should create their own tradition that is uniquely theirs, not glom onto some thing that isnt.

i am not much into the whole christmas thing because of boarding school days. i am glad i was able to see lotsa friends and family during this season.  we catch up on what is going on in our lives. we share a joke or two also. indians like to laugh whenever they get together.

my daughter has been home. she goes back to work today.  her job takes her all around the country. the grandsons are here for the next week and a half. one of us will have to stay and watch them while the other takes wabeno back to the airport.

we will have to toss more wood into the basement.  this coming weekend temps at night will be in the teens and single digits. we burned much of the wood we had stacked. we kept the fire going for awhile. we let it go out when we had a few warm days. who would have believed we would have 70 degree days in december.

i still wanna clean a coupla chickens. nothing beats home made chicken soup. we have 17 hens i think. i bought 5 older ones with the idea that we would fatten them up and eat them. we stocked up on homemade egg noodles when we were in that amish town we went to. i also like to make tortilla soup. and i wanna make some egg drop soup.

we are getting about 6 eggs a day. not bad for winter time. chickens usually lay less when day light hours are shorter. i set up solar powered lights in my chicken house but i dont turn them on that often. i bought another set of lights that i havent put up yet. i wish i had a timer on them.

gotta do chores.

all i want for christmas

is peace on earth and goodwill toward all men. i dont know how many times i heard that over the years. not so much lately. maybe people think it is unattainable.  people are split over politics, favorite teams, jealousy over what others have etc. it would be better to wish people kept their opinions to themselves. that would bring about some peace.

i aint rich but there isnt anything i want. i am grateful my heart surgery gave me more life.  well sure there are things i wouldnt mind having. my life goes on whether i have them or not. i dont have all i want but i have what i need. once i heard all that life is having a place to stay, something to eat and clothes to wear. i am grateful i have that. i never forget the days when i didnt.

one thing i want is to travel. many of the places on my bucket list have been checked off. i have a couple left but i am saving for that. i never thought i would walk in the places i got to experience. they were only places in books and movies when i was growing up on the rez.  i got to see them.

being with my grandkids is the best gift i could hope for. i used to believe i would never live to see the age of 30. after all the alcohol, drugs and violence i seen, its a wonder i made it to my age where i have gray hair.  i am not only a grandparent but i am also a great grandparent.

i never forget when we used to have gift exchanges back in high school.  we would draw names and have to buy that person a christmas present. one of my bros got a jar of rock candy. it still had the price tag of 97 cents on it. i got after shave even though i didnt shave.

once our tribal employees did a name drawing. my wife got an iou for a gift to be bought later. she never did get the gift. i didnt like to get into drawing of names because of things like that. some people would go all out while some didnt have any consideration for others.

one thing people dont want is covid. sounds like it will spread anyway.  the chiefs wont have some players for sundays game. they tested positive for covid.  they will win anyway.  now they have been thru that. they will be ready for the rest of the play offs.

today we are heading to the airport to pick up my daughter wabenokwe. we will take the back roads there instead of the turnpike. it is a more laid back drive.

today it will be 70 degrees. it might break the record for the warmest temp on this day. we will still have to toss more wood into the basement. it will be necessary to fire up the wood stove later. we have used up much of what we had stacked already.

gotta get ready to cop some road time.

winter solstice was yesterday

had to take pictures of the grand kids by our christmas tree. the boys posed previously. the girls came here today. i asked them to pose for me. they usually go along with me when i say lets get a picture. we do the christmas thing for the kids.

i dont know if anyone sends christmas cards anymore. that is so the baby boomer generation. now people post on social media to see how many likes they get.

today i will walk on the treadmill again. i have walked 5 times in the past week and a half. i would say i am back into my walking routine. my foot is fully healed. i am in the basement more since i have to keep the wood stove going. the house feels good when it is warm while it is cold outside.

i have increased my water intake. seems that would be easy to do. it aint. its a good thing i keep track on my Fitbit. i know if i havent logged any. that makes me drink some water. i dont mind. i remember my aunt telling me she only drank water for 20 years. i thought that was something. it gives me encouragement. she lived to be 94.

yesterday was the winter solstice. i dont know what all that means. i guess its winter. i didnt dress up like a druid and run off to stonehenge. i did take a train there once when mary and i went to see wabeno when she studied at cambridge. i couldnt guess how many ancient sites or ruins we have seen.

i was disappointed i didnt get to watch the K U basketball game last night. it was cancelled cuz several colorado players tested positive for covid. the k.c. chiefs also have numerous players that tested positive. sports teams create their own lingo. they dont say they gots the covid, they say they “didnt clear covid protocols”.

i dont know if they will postpone the chiefs game. they did for a few other teams already. the chiefs are playing for a top seed and home field advantage thru out the playoffs. it wouldnt be right to make them play without their full team when others didnt have to. but we live in a world where many things arent fair.

i have been sorting porcupine hair. sorting hair is a never-ending job. it aint hard work, just monotonous.  probably because i have pounds and pounds of hair i have to sort. i am glad i had the foresight to buy up a supply of it before i retired. i can keep busy making roaches for a few years.

schools in lawrence will be out for the holidays. we will have the grandsons for almost two weeks during that break. we will try to find some interesting things to do. we have promised them a trip to the salina zoo. that would be a day trip. it is a two hour drive there and two back. that aint counting the time spent there.

we will see.

forgot to write

i thought i posted a blog the other day. i checked and seen i didnt. i had one started then musta spaced it out. no, no i dont smoke it no mo. i have been busy with chores, watching grandkids and working on roaches. i had a cold too, mighta been all that nyquil.

and no i wasnt out per capping. mine goes toward paying down my car payment balance. i want to own it sooner. the rest goes into my bank account. i will put some into my savings account for my next bucket list trip. this indian will see angkor wat and walk on the great wall.

i was a bachelor a coupla days. mary was helping my niece drive to washington d.c.  they left wednesday and got back sunday.  i said we would manage here. i cooked a few times and ordered some take-out meals too. good thing i had games to watch.

i did watch the chiefs and jayhawks play. i dont miss their games. they both won. that made me happy. the jayhawks let the other team back into the game. they will get everyones best shot. dont matter as long as they find a way to win.

i usually only watch home teams play. yesterday i watched pittsburg play tennessee. i dont care for either team. i was hoping the titans would get beat. a loss would put the chiefs in good position to have home field advantage thru out the playoffs. i was glad the titans lost. now k.c. has to win out.

i walked on the treadmill four times this past week. no maybe, might, gonna. i logged some miles. i will walk on it again today. i am back into my walking routine. i will also lift weights. i have to keep the woodstove stoked up.

i laid off walking for a coupla weeks when i stepped on a nail. i have only started walking for the past week but my sugar has gone down. i knew it would. i was slacking on walking. my previous A1C was 6.8. thats why i let up. i mean i couldnt be worried when it was that good.  i know now that there is no letting up.

i have done some work on the next roaches i will make. the deer tails are dyed red. i braided and sewed the rug yarn for the bases. i tied some of the inner trim. thats as far as i got. i will work on them this week. they will get done.

we have been getting the grandsons christmas presents. they know it us that buy the presents. they really dont believe santa claus brings them. i would rather have them believe in misho and gramma than santa claus.

we ask them what they want so we will make them happy. toys are too expensive to get them something they wont play with. its all peer pressure. they tell school friends what they got for christmas. that is expected. no kid should have to say i didnt get anything.

gotta do my chores.

the wind cries mary

well maybe not mary, but i thought of that hendrix song. there were some strong winds last night. and even the night before. it was windier than a politician. the winds musta knocked out our electricity. not just ours but others as well. there are about 5 different companies that supply electrical power to the rez.

i didnt wanna sit in the dark so i turned on a camping lantern. i also lit a coupla candles. i had a flashlight to use while i walked around the house. i played solitaire on my phone while one of my song lists played. i grew up without electricity. this wasnt new to me. well, we didnt have cell phones in those days.

i heard differents things blowing around from the strong gusts of wind. i walked outside to check. i smelled smoke but i knew i didnt have my wood stove going. someone texted me and said the smell of smoke was coming from colorado wildfires.

this morning my trash cans are lying in the yard. so are my grill, cooler and other things. i will have to pick them up as another one of my chores today. i always have something to do.

the big pile of leaves i wanted to use to start a compost pile are gone. mom always said it is no good to say pama. i guess. i wont have a new compost pile now. the leaves are gone with the wind. bad joke i know.

we laid andrews basketball goal down. the wind would have knocked it over. we knew some winds were coming. we had no idea they would be that strong.

i was remembering back when we lost our electricity for two weeks. an ice storm knocked the power out. we could hear a loud pop then a crashing sound as the trees broke and fell up and down the creek valley. i will never forget that sound.

we had to use kerosene lamps to light the house. we also used our wood stove to heat the house. it didnt bother me that much. i grew up on the rez when that was common. we lost all of our food we had stored in the freezer. after that we started to do more canning.

i dont know what time the electricity came back on last night.  my phone was losing power from playing solitaire and texting. i found a charger that i used to charge it up some. i thought i better save it with some juice so i went to bed early. like the old days.

we had a brilliant red sun set the other evening. i had to get a picture of it with my cell phone. i dont charge the battery to my nikon often.

i will walk on the treadmill again today. i have walked twice this week. i started working on my next roach too. its good to be back in a routine. gotta keep busy. i am never bored. aint got time for that.

twas the night before per cap

and not an indian was astir. dont know if i am supposed to be all excited or not. tomorrow is per cap. mine is pretty much spent. i will save some of it for my big trip abroad. that is a long way off but it will take me time to save enough to make that happen.

i dyed six deer tails red yesterday. i need them for the next two roaches i will make. after i dyed the tails i attached them to a clothes hanger with wooden clothes pins. i hung them in the basement while the wood stove is going. they are probably dry.

the yarn i dyed for the bases didnt hold the deep red color. it came out a light red. dont matter. it is hardly visible when worn. rug yarn is hard to find it at a good price. it goes for 6 to 15 bucks a skein with shipping tacked on. i used to pay a dollar and under for it. i bought lotsa white skeins of yarn figuring i would dye them the color i want.

today i will braid and sew the yarn bases for the roaches. i have done that so much it wont take long. i work at my own pace. its not about how much time i put into it. it is about getting it done and doing it good.

i got a coupla cds in the mail today. they are the first of a few i ordered. i was being good to myself. music is one of the things i buy for me. i have playlists of my favorites but the web deletes some of it occasionally. i gotta have a hard copy of my music to reload if that happens. i wanna listen to my music.

i used to wanna be a musician. had dreams of being a rock star. thing was i couldnt sing or play an instrument. some became stars in spite of that. i doubt i coulda pulled it off. i do enjoy music though.

i remember this show from long ago. it was called wild kingdom. this old guy would sit in the jeep while this other big guy would wrestle down a water buffalo. after the buffalo was tied up, the old guy would jump out of the jeep and say ‘we got him’.  i know too many guys like that. they dont do the work but glom onto the credit when its done.

i will walk on the treadmill today. this time i hope to walk my usual two miles. gotta get used to the treadmill. there will be a few good warm days but walking on the road is probably done. i will lift weights too. i have been doing that when i couldnt walk. better to do some exercise than none.

glad to see KU football team is getting transfers. i remember when not many wanted to play for the jayhawks. now some do. great. i will buy some tickets to games next year. i am a KU fan in every sport.

gotta get busy.


back on the treadmill

i stepped on a nail two weeks ago. some hard headed indians just dont go to doctors when they should. i am kinda like that too. i figured my foot would heal on its own. i am up on my tetanus shots.  it healed but took a coupla weeks. i had swelling where the nail went in. it hurt when i put pressure on it. i havent logged my two-mile walks in that time.

this morning i decided to try walking on the treadmill. i walked a mile and kept going.  if i quit at a mile that would set the goal for the next time. i walked a mile and a half. not bad for a two-week layoff. i didnt wanna push it, i was checking if i can start walking again.

the hardest walk to do is the first one. its too easy to say ‘i’m gonna start walking (next week, when it warms up, when it aint hot etc.)’.  i got my first walk done. i have been lifting weights too. i need to keep it up now. i go to the basement to keep the fire in the wood stove burning. the trips up and down the stairs help too.

i am glad my treadmill is still working. i bought it before i went to peru. i wanted to be in shape to walk at those altitudes. i didnt wanna get to machu picchu and not be able to see the whole complex. some of the other tourists couldnt do the walking and headed back to sit on the bus. our guide took the rest of us to walk a part of the incan trail. glad i didnt miss that.

i was grateful i was able to do all the required walking at altitude thru out that whole trip. there was lotsa climbing. i got in shape for it. and i chewed lotsa coca leaves. my treadmill will help me get me back into shape this winter.

the royal blue boys roach i have been working on is done. i finished tying the last of the trim yesterday while watching KU put it all over on missouri in basketball. i wrapped the roach on a stick to shape it. it looks good.

i will dye some more deer tails. i dont have enough red for the next two roaches i will work on. i will dye the yarn red too. i dont have any red yarn for the bases. dyeing the deer tails and yarn together makes them match in color.

per cap is this week. i wont rush to town. i use mine to make two car payments on the rav4.  whatever is left stays in my bank until i need it. maybe i will add some to the savings account i set up for my next trip abroad.

gonna miss the second half of the kc chiefs game today. we are heading to topeekie. my nephew and niece are having a birthday party for their kids. we going to visit with them.

beginning to be winter

i have a little deer tail trim left to tie for my latest roach. it wont take long. this boys’ roach already looks good. i might take a day or two off before i start my next ones. i will make two red woodland style roaches for some lady that wants them for her grandsons.

i was tying the trim for this roach yesterday. i was watching KU womens’ volleyball team play in the sweet 16. they beat two top 20 teams to get that far. i think their luck ran out when they ran into the number 3 ranked team in the country. the girls played good but got beat by a better team. i will follow this team next year. maybe i will even go to a game.

we finally got the grand kids school pictures put up. we waited until we had all four of them. now they are on the wall. it won’t take long before they notice them. i remember my mother used to have all of our senior pictures hanging on the walls. now six of my siblings are gone. i think of them often.

i watched a documentary about indian artists and musicians. i admired their art and music. i didnt understand what they were talking about. it was like they strung buzz words of the day together. i didnt know what their point was but it musta sounded good to them. maybe i am just getting older.

i let the fire in our wood stove go out. i wanna clean the stove pipes out. they shouldnt be too bad. i bought new ones right before last winter ended. i want them clean before the next cold spell. the fire burns better when the pipes are clean and there is no smoke smell.

i like to burn cedar on the stove when a fire is going. we all like the smell of it.  i had some drying in a brown paper grocery bag.  i  picked it from a coupla flat cedar trees i have in the back yard. normally they dont grow here. i got them from friend that lives up north a few years ago.  i will have a fresh supply of cedar from now on.

we are getting 4 or 5 eggs a day. chickens lay less eggs when daylight hours get shorter. i wanna clean a coupla hens sometime. the last hens we got were older hens. they probably will quit laying this year anyway. i bought them knowing they could be soup this winter. nothing beats fresh chicken soup. i wanted to fatten them up first.

the worms in my worm composting farm have died. i was busy and spaced them out. i forgot to feed them. thats the second batch of worms i done in.  i better learn to be a better worm composter. i will get some more worms this spring. i wont let a few setbacks stop me. i want the worm castings for my garden. i did get two batches of it. i want more.

gotta get busy