easing into winter

we only made one fire in the wood stove so far. today is supposed to be a record high of 72 degrees for this date. i have the wood stacked in the basement. i havent had many times to go down there to stoke up the fire.

i havent used the tread mill either.  mary n i walked for two weeks. this week would have made the third week. but no. my foot is giving me slight discomfort when i walk. i stepped on a nail last friday. i havent walked my two miles since then. my foot is better, i should be walking soon. dont know if it will be on the road or on the treadmill.

i have the new to me fitbit. tomorrow i get my new black wrist band. the fitbit has been charged and is keeping track of my steps. i am not logging too many right now. i am anxious to do my two mile walk. the fit bit is keeping track of my sleep. i havent started logging my water intake yet.

we ordered propane. we fill our tank and it usually lasts until spring time. we warm our house mainly with the wood stove. the furnace only kicks on when the fire dies down early in the morning. i prefer wood heat because it reminds me of my younger days. warmth from a wood stove makes a house feel like a home.

we were bracing ourselves for the price of the propane. we heard there would be shortages. sure enough the price has gone up. we are paying $200 more for the same 200 gallons. good thing it will last us until spring. we are lucky we have a wood stove. the price to heat homes with propane this winter will be high. i think businesses create their own shortages to make more profit.

i am working on another roach. i have the inside deer tail trim done. the first row of porcupine hair is tied and sewn on. i need to sort some more shorter hair for the tail piece. then i tie that hair. after sewing it on, i just have the outer row of trim to do. making roaches keeps me busy.

a nephew texted me. he asked if i have facebook. i told him no, i have a real life. he didnt answer for awhile so i texted back and said just kidding. he was looking for a boys roach. i told him i can make any size or color. he will come over to check out what i got.

a trapper contacted me about buying porcupine hair. i bought from her before. i said yeah i would buy the hair again. i said what i was interested in was all the quills off the porcupine. trappers already have the critter. pulling the quills is extra cash. i wanna try quillwork. i figure i gotta do it awhile to get better at it. i want to fix up a fan i have with quillwork.

gotta get busy.