finishing another roach

i am getting closer to finishing a roach i started awhile back. i knew i would make roaches during my retirement years way before i ever retired. thats why i stocked up porcupine hair, deer tails, rug yarn and dye. i wanted all my supplies assembled so all i had to do was make roaches. good thing i did. prices were lower then.

this is a 12 inch boys roach. i have plenty of mens roaches done. i need more boys roaches on hand. recently i was asked if i have any boys roaches. i didnt. young parents and grandparents are always looking for roaches for the little ones.

i tied the second row of front hair for this roach.  i will finish tying the rest of the porcupine hair today. the inside trim is royal blue. i will add some other colors to the outside trim. it has 7 inch front hair. it has good bounce and movement.

some lady wants two woodland style roaches for her grand sons. she wants both of them red. i will start working on them next. i will sort more hair. i have a few boxes of it already rough sorted. i spent many hours doing that. it wont take long to get it fine sorted. it ends up with solid colors like the roach pictured.

i have been making double rows of front hair on every roach i make now. many dancers prefer a double or triple row of hair. i was hesitant about doing two rows. i made them the way i was taught to honor the roach maker who showed me how to make roaches.  now i see that they do look better with a double row. it uses more hair but i have pounds of it. and trappers keep me supplied with it.

last night my grandson asked me if we were gonna put up a christmas tree. i told him we would. the old hippie in me likes to see the lights. we have used the same tree for a few years. we wont use a tree that was recently alive. i dont wanna kill a tree only to throw it away. save the planet eh?

we have collected different ornaments over the years. many of them are hand made. we have native style ornaments and i have some with the KU logo. the grandkids also made some at school. we will get the tree up this weekend.

i started to log my water intake on the new to me fitbit. i only keep track when i have a fitbit. when i dont have any logged it makes me drink more water. my doctor told me to drink more water. it helps to flush the excess sugar and cleanses my system.

i havent been able to walk my two miles for the past week. i am anxious to log some miles again. i am lifting weights though. i do seated bench presses and use dumbbells for arm exercises. my upper body is getting toned.

gotta do my chores.