aint no scrooge

no bah humbug here. we set up our christmas tree this past weekend. we do it to indulge the grand kids.  the boys helped set it up. i think the season has become way too commercialized. we buy things for the kids all year long. we still have to give them gifts because they believe it is expected during christmas.

the tree needs some lights replaced. a few of the strings of lights didnt work. we tossed them.  we need a plug in at the top so the star lights up. me and the kids like to see the lights on. someone will turn them on every day and leave them on.

during this season i will watch the christmas vacation movie because it is funny. i seen it so many times i know the next line. one of my sons bought me a t shirt with that movie logo on it. i still have it. i will listen to elvis’ blue christmas song and john lennons war is over. other than that i draw the line at christmas carols.

we even put a santa hat on the wooden bear i bought at a flea market. that bear is an indicator of what is going on around us. at halloween it dons a mask. during covid the bear had a face mask on. at new years eve the bear wears a party hat. the bear also gets a KU hat or KC chiefs hat during some games. maybe next pow wow season i will put a roach on it.

i waited all week to watch the chiefs game last night. as i have done too many times this year, i wondered are we gonna hang on for this win. the chiefs used to dominant games in the past. this time of year we got no margin for error. i am still hoping they go to the super bowl and win.

i notice on the back of the chiefs helmets they have “no hate”. pro sports teams are among the few that publicly stand against racism. what i dont understand is why the chiefs havent shut down the tomahawk chop. if they aspire to be world champs they should act like champs. the chop is stupid so is the big drum they bang on. we dont want racism but its okay to stereotype indians eh.

i will have to dye some deer tails. i need more blue trim for the roach i am working on.  i have two plastic containers full of deer tails that are already dyed. that saves me from dyeing tails every time i make a roach. i am out of royal blue now. i will dye some tails blue.

when i feed my chickens the wild birds eat the feed too. they must be fattening up before winter sets in. its not unusual to see robins, wrens, blue jays and cardinals eating with the chickens. i heard feeding wild birds would bring good luck. must be true because i am lucky to be alive.

gotta get busy.