finishing the blue roach

i dyed 6 deer tails a royal blue yesterday. i needed them to match the roach i am working on. six is actually more than i need but i wanted extra for the next blue roach. i didnt have enough of that color so i dyed more. i have enough to finish this one and have some for the next one.

i havent dye any deer tails in a long time. i havent forgotten how to do it. nothing to it. i do it on the stove top. i have an old enamel ware pan that i used just for that purpose. i heat the water, add the dye, some salt and vinegar and keep moving the deer tails occasionally. after some time the dye sets in. i rinse the tails a few times until the water runs clear. then it is done.

i dont wanna sound like i go out and gather natural dyes.  i use rit dye. i know that sounds modern and not real tradish. i wouldnt know what plants, roots etc to use to dye the deer tails with. i learned to use rit and probably will continue to do so. thats why i stocked up on it.

i know that my next trip abroad is a ways off. i have started a savings account for that. i have been putting money into it for the past year. i am thinking that trip is still a year or two away. it will take me that long to save the money for the trip i want. my bucket list is angkor wat and to walk on the great wall of china. dont know when that will happen but i am saving for that day. by the time it arrives i will be ready.

i dont wanna sound like an old guy but i am getting to be one. i remember the day when a persons’ word meant something. i knew people that had nothing but their word and it meant everything. today so many in the public view lie even when the facts are known. dont know what this world coming to.

i get emails all the time. most go into my junk folder. they are nothing but scams. they try all kinds of ways to separate me from the little money i have. i get up to a thousand emails a day on this site. so many that i probably missed some important messages i need to see. i wont go thru that many emails every day though. so i miss out on some emails i shouldnt.

we have had a fire going in the wood stove. it may be cold outside, especially at night but it is pleasant in here. we keep the same fire going all day and night. it is an art to keep the fire going. we take turns stoking up the fire.

i have ordered some cds from the internet. i am replacing songs that i lost. some got zapped. i gotta have my playlists when i am working or traveling.

gotta get busy.