beginning to be winter

i have a little deer tail trim left to tie for my latest roach. it wont take long. this boys’ roach already looks good. i might take a day or two off before i start my next ones. i will make two red woodland style roaches for some lady that wants them for her grandsons.

i was tying the trim for this roach yesterday. i was watching KU womens’ volleyball team play in the sweet 16. they beat two top 20 teams to get that far. i think their luck ran out when they ran into the number 3 ranked team in the country. the girls played good but got beat by a better team. i will follow this team next year. maybe i will even go to a game.

we finally got the grand kids school pictures put up. we waited until we had all four of them. now they are on the wall. it won’t take long before they notice them. i remember my mother used to have all of our senior pictures hanging on the walls. now six of my siblings are gone. i think of them often.

i watched a documentary about indian artists and musicians. i admired their art and music. i didnt understand what they were talking about. it was like they strung buzz words of the day together. i didnt know what their point was but it musta sounded good to them. maybe i am just getting older.

i let the fire in our wood stove go out. i wanna clean the stove pipes out. they shouldnt be too bad. i bought new ones right before last winter ended. i want them clean before the next cold spell. the fire burns better when the pipes are clean and there is no smoke smell.

i like to burn cedar on the stove when a fire is going. we all like the smell of it.  i had some drying in a brown paper grocery bag.  i  picked it from a coupla flat cedar trees i have in the back yard. normally they dont grow here. i got them from friend that lives up north a few years ago.  i will have a fresh supply of cedar from now on.

we are getting 4 or 5 eggs a day. chickens lay less eggs when daylight hours get shorter. i wanna clean a coupla hens sometime. the last hens we got were older hens. they probably will quit laying this year anyway. i bought them knowing they could be soup this winter. nothing beats fresh chicken soup. i wanted to fatten them up first.

the worms in my worm composting farm have died. i was busy and spaced them out. i forgot to feed them. thats the second batch of worms i done in.  i better learn to be a better worm composter. i will get some more worms this spring. i wont let a few setbacks stop me. i want the worm castings for my garden. i did get two batches of it. i want more.

gotta get busy